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José, Can you? ¡Si!

3 May 2006

Maybe, as George W. says, “The National Anthem ought to be sung in English” … or maybe, having started as a tavern drinking song, George W. was looped to the gills on the many, many occasions he either attempted to sing it in Spanish, or sorta-kinda succeeded (like he sorta-kinda speaks Spanish).

At left is the OFFICIAL SPANISH VERSION OF THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER, published in 1919 by the U.S. Bureau of Education.

The State Department, meanwhile, has four different versions of La Bandera de Estrellas on its official website.

Let’s all sing along with Incurious George:

Amanece: ¿no veis, a la luz de la aurora,
Lo que tanto aclamamos la noche al caer?
Sus estrellas, sus barras flotaban ayer
En el fiero combate en señal de victoria,
Fulgor de cohetes, de bombas estruendo,
Por la noche decían: “!Se va defendiendo!”


!Oh, decid! ¿Despliega aún su hermosura estrellada,
Sobre tierra de libres, la bandera sagrada?

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