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¡Gringos flojos!

15 February 2007

I don’t drink, but geeze, even if you’re shit-faced, how hard is it to cut up some limes… uh, well BEFORE you start drinking, I mean…

(The Business Journal of [where else?] Milwaukee, 6 Feb 2007):

Miller Brewing Co. is set to introduce a Mexican-style beer, Miller Chill, that it intends to market to a broad audience.

“We’re trying to court the market in general, not just Hispanics,” Miller spokesman Pete Marino said.

The new brew, which is a chelada-style beer that comes infused with salt and lime, will be test marketed beginning in March.

“This will be Miller’s take on a Mexican classic,” Marino said.

At 110 calories, Miller Chill will be marketed as a light beer that the Milwaukee-based brewer hopes will compete with mainstream beers such as Bud Light, Budweiser and Coors Light, Marino said.

In other words, crappy “light beer” with lime flavoring. ¡Qué barbaro!

Sombrero tip to The Latin Americanist)

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  1. 17 February 2007 10:37 pm

    Hi Rich, found your site today when surfing off TT links. I had to laugh at this post, I’m from Milwaukee, and married to a Mexican. I think the only people who will buy a lime-infused beer product are those who believe it’s a cool, cultural thing to do, not actual Hispanics, much less Mexican immigrants. Great site by the way!

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