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29 March 2007

There were two important futbol games last night played in the U.S. last night:  Mexico bested Ecuador (4-2) at McAufee Coliseum in Oakland CA, before a sell-out crowd of 47,416.

The United States tied Guatemala (0-0) at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX… a much smaller stadium, with a crowd of about 10,000.

Grahame Jones, who covered the Mexico-Ecuador game for the Los Angles Times noted

All the tickets were snapped up two weeks before the opening kickoff, and organizers said they could easily have sold twice as many.

It was the third consecutive sellout for Mexico on American soil this year, following the 62,462 that saw the Tricolores lose to the U.S. in Phoenix and the 63,328 that watched them defeat Venezuela in San Diego.

I had to go through three screens on the Dallas Morning News webpage (starting from the Sports page), before I found — buried down below high school reports — “U.S. Coach Upset With Tie in Frisco“.   It was the only report from Dallas I could find. 

Geeze, even the local paper didn’t much cover the game. — from INDIA — has some coverage, though they weren’t very nice:  

The U.S. and Guatemala played to a boring nil-nil draw at Pizza Hut Park. Both teams were clearly more interested in the post-game spread than the game at hand.

Michael David Smith weighed in at AOL Sports:  

It says a lot about the state of soccer fandom in this country that the Mexican team always draws many more fans than the American team. …

Major League Soccer thinks its signing of David Beckham is the way to gain a foothold in the United States, but I just don’t see it…. If [soccer] really wants to become popular in this country, it needs to reach the passionate fans who fill the stadiums to watch the Mexican national team, not the people who know Beckham because his name was in a movie title and his wife is a Spice Girl.

And, face it, the Mexican play better soccer.  So do the Guatemalans… and even the English (but they’re so uncivilized!). 

The U.S. plays in some rinky-dink suburban Dallas stadium trying to market to suburbanites who might remember the Spice Girl’s name (I don’t… and whatever happened to the Spice Girls anyway?).  And nobody in the U.S. really likes the British. 

For Mexicans, FUTBOL — and the insanity surrounding futbol — IS life. Who would you rather go watch   The team supported by the Virgin of Guadalupe … and 100,000,000 lesser beings, or one that gets (and maybe merits) about the same media coverage as Junior High School Girl’s Volleyball?  

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  1. el_longhorn permalink
    30 March 2007 12:40 am

    With all due respect to the tricolor, the US has dominated Mexico lately. The Mexican national team seems to have gotten lazy and fat, and they definitley have a mental block when playing against the US team. Mexico has to remember that a win against the US is not a given anymore – they have to work hard and earn it nowadays.

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