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¿Por qué no te callas?

19 November 2007

The second ever post on MexFiles was about my (accidental) meeting with Juan-Carlos II of Spain.  His Most Catholic Majesty does have a tendency to act in rather unregal ways (which makes the guy human, not a jerk).  Asking Hugo Chavez “why don’t you shut up?” probably was taken out of context, but c’mon… Hugo is one of the windier politicos around, and he does tend to go on... and on… and on… about almost anything.

Mexican politicos too are being told to shut up, though in Mexico, which isn’t such a bad thing at all.  A new election law prohibits paid political advertising... which means Mexican political journalists, unlike those in the U.S. will actually have to talk about what the politicos are proposing, and stop farting around wasting everyone’s time talking about who has how much money to spend.  In Mexico, where they’re a little more realistic about things, that kind of money is called by it’s proper name — bribes.

Our political writers will also have a hard time with another reform… no political campaigning until 90 days before the election (which has been the law for some time now… just that the rules have been strengthened).  This means avoiding all those meaningless “debates” between 7 or 8 party pre-candidates and endless agonizing over which of several people who won’t be running for president to support (er… bribe).

And, in a really radical reform, it looks like Mexican politicans are going to have to hire people who do work, not “spin” their accomplishments. No more burying facts in some hagiography of your local politician.  In the U.S., you get used to letters from your local congressman saying “Congressman Bilgewater announced today that he is in favor of mom, apple pie and homeland security…” After you read all about Congressman Bilgewater, you learn that a congressional committee considered a proposal to add funds to some obscure budget line item to fund more hay for Border Patrol horses.

Official propaganda (and that is the correct word for information from the State)  can no longer even suggest being presented for the benefit of any individual or political party.  WOW!  Maybe these congressional aides, city assistant liaisons and so on and so forth will have to find real jobs. One can only hope they’ll be replaced by people who actually do stuff.

The people speak…

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