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¿QUE?… or will success spoil Eduaro Verastegui?

27 October 2008

There are a few “Hispanic” backers of the McCain-Palin ticket, and more than a few Mexican-American cultural conservatives. But how many are beef-cake models… stumping to overturn gay marriage rights in California?  As Anita Crane reported in the anti-abortion, culturally conservative Catholic site, Life Site News:

[Eduardo] Verastegui said, “I am endorsing Sen. McCain for president because of his commitments to end abortion, protect traditional marriage and fix immigration law.”

On Gov. Palin’s leadership, he said, “I love her. She’s a great role model for women.”

Verastegui has spoken at several McCain-Palin rallies. In Miami, the capital of Latin America and the first U.S. city where Verastegui lived, he campaigned for John McCain with McCain’s Senate allies Joe Lieberman and Mel Martinez, as well as Florida’s former governor, Jeb Bush and Governor Charlie Crist.

After a career in Mexico as a model, singer and telenovela actor, Verasteui recently has made a name for himself (somewhat) in “Bella” — an independent film that won awards in Toronto and Indianapolis — about a chef trying to convince a pregnant and unwed waitress not to have an abortion.   That, and apparently long-held traditional Catholic beliefs, have made Verastegui the front man for an Evangelical Protestant  “traditional values” organization, “Viva la Familia” — and the great brown hope for the McCain campaign.

He’s got every right to believe what he wants, but it’s likely to cost him some fans.  Matthew Cullinan Hoffman (alos in “Life Site News” , which is pumping the guy as of late) writes of the reaction among his Mexico City fan base:

Mexican-American movie star Eduardo Verastegui has begun campaigning against California’s homosexual “marriage” law, and is incurring the wrath of Mexican homosexuals as a result.

Following Verastegui’s reported decision to lead the campaign for the Hispanic organization “Viva la Familia” (Long Live the Family) enraged members of “Tri Gay”, Mexico’s self-proclaimed “gay soccer selection” expressed their displeasure against the pro-life, pro-family actor and entertainer.

At a press conference on October 22 in the offices of Mexico’s Secretary of Health, the team denounced Verastegui. The vice-president of Tri Gay, Eduardo Velasquez, tore up a picture of the star.

Kyle Munzenrieder, in the Miami New Times also has a few questions about Verastegui’s career make-over:

Dude is an outspoken opponent of abortion and Obama. He even did a Spanish language seven minute video on Obama’s stance on abortion which included graphic images. Apparently he’s a born-again Catholic. He also has publicly supported California’s Prop. 8, which would ban gay marriage.

So here is the question: If this dude clearly had no problem exploiting his body and sexuality for his professional advancement, where does he get off telling women what to do with their bodies and reproductive rights? I’ve always tended to be sympathetic to the right’s view that most celebrities –especially those with out artistic virtue– should keep their mouths fastened shut when it comes to politics (paging Susan Sarandon), and this guy could use a whole lot of duct tape.

That’s easy… look at the pre-born-again and post-born-again pix… the dude was tired of waxing (and maybe the McCain Campaign offered to buy some clothes):

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  1. trajan permalink
    4 December 2011 1:34 pm

    “In Miami, the capital of Latin America” — wtf? on what planet?


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