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¡Sí se puede … beber!

3 May 2010

El DeFe says it will be almost like going to the United States:

… after getting there, you will be visually scanned, asked to take off your belt, rings, earrings, panties, empty your pockets of coins , keys, cell phone and any metal objects to pass through the metal detector, smile for the camera … and show ID, go. It will be like when you have to travel and  leave two hours early to make time for the security lineup.

It, being going out to party.

The furor surrounding the shooting of Federico Cabañas in an after-hours club last January made bar hours a polemical issue, that — with the usual  polemics and posturing politicians provide, and the usual heavy-handed response to what was perceived as a social problem — led to restricted bar hours…    which only meant that if someone was going to pop a futbal player, he had to do it elsewhere (or earlier in the evening), and just inconvenienced a lot of Mexicans who have always been night-owls.

I thought the earlier closing time was likely to create more problems than it would resolve.  What taco vendor wants a customer rush at two A.M.?  A five A.M rush at least means they’ve been able to get some sleep the night before.  And, besides, with the metro not opening until 7 on Sunday mornings, it meant the majority of Mexico City’s nightlifers had a reasonable time to get something in the way of breakfast, and maybe reconsider those unfortunate late-night … er…. coyote dates (as in you wake up in the morning, and like a coyote in a trap, will gnaw off your arm to slink away) before heading home.

Anyway, under the new regulations, in return for going back to the five A.M closing time, clubs have to install metal detectors… and have medical personnel in attendance… and install breathalizers… and provide two hours free parking. They can recoup the costs through a cover charge or drink minimum, but that creates a second problem.

One of the twenty-three new requirements for a five A.M closing license is abiding by the Federal District’s non-discrimination policies, which among other things forbids discrimination based on economic status.  And if you’re poor, you can’t afford a car, and having to pay a cover that recoups the costs of parking for the ricos seems a bit of an imposition.

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