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¡Ay, Jalisco!

30 June 2011

Via Aguachile:

Fernando Guzmán Pérez Peláez, regarded as one of the most ultra-conservative members of the Jalisco government, where he is government secretary, declared that he is in favor of legalizing gay marriage.

The same man, less than a year ago, was an active supporter of the ridiculous “gay conversion” movement.
What happened?

Just a wild guess, but Puerto Vallarta tourism — heavily dependent on gay tourism — might have something to do with it… or recognition that approval of same-gender marriage in the Federal District last year didn’t cause any problems. On the contrary, with only about 850 same gender marriages over the last year, it has been a non-issue, although the Capital’s tourism department has been milking their new-found foreign image as a relative oasis of modernity and sanity for all it’s worth.

Or, maybe somebody just knocked some sense into Fernando Guzman.

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  1. Thomas permalink
    30 June 2011 1:16 pm

    Actually I believe that he said he supported Gay Unions, as long a s they were not called marriage. (civil unions / domestic partnership/ Sociedad de Convivencia)

    “Se le insistió si estaría a favor de que se cree una legislación en la materia en la entidad, y manifestó que sí, siempre y cuando no se llame matrimonio.”

  2. Juanita Cortez permalink
    30 June 2011 7:00 pm

    In Mexico, marriage is only legally recognized if done under state or DF law. Religious ceremonies are not legal. I would think that Gov. Guzman and the PAN party would concentrate more time on this issue rather than the sex of the couple.

    Speaking of marriage, up until recently all brides had to recite Melchor Ocambo’s 1859 words of wisdom before a judge to be married. It is no longer mandatory but is still common. So you get the gist:

    “The man, whose main sexual attributes are courage and strength, must give and shall always give the woman protection, food and direction… The woman, whose main attributes are self-denial, beauty, compassion, shrewdness and tenderness, must give and shall always give her husband obedience, affability, attention, comfort and advice, treating him with the reverence due to the person who supports and defends us.”

    I have generally found that my marriages could have used a lot more “affability”.

  3. 30 June 2011 7:24 pm

    Hi Just wanted to say this is most intelligent Mexican expat blog I’ve ever read. Thanks for all your efforts. I’m gonna try to get a feed going. Best regards

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