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Recursos/Resources (Links)

Last updated 15 June 2022

Bolivia Diary:  information in English on current news in Bolivia.

Machetera:  pro-Cuban, English-language news and commentary.  Private site, access by request.

News of the Restless:  Sabina Becker’s commentary mostly on Venezuela and the “Axis of Evo” … from Canada.

Hermano Juancito:  Brother Jack Donaghy, a lay brother working in the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras

Mexico Voices:  the indispensable Reed and Jane Brundidge provide daily translations from Mexican media reports.

Mi blog es tu blog:  A daily harangue about Hispanic media, marketing and pop culture

Newspaper Rock:  where Native America meets pop culture.

The Power and the Money:  Harvard academic Noel Maurer on the economics and politics of instability, empire, and energy, with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean, plus other random blather…  (last updated 2021)

Sur:  The Americas. Its all bad news … and sometimes not. (last updated 2021)


Life in the Fast Line e-book for foreigners living in Mexico City.

Enjoy Mexico in Spanish Phrasebook and cultural guide in one — perfect for the language challenged, or insecure tourist.

FREE basic Spanish lessons UC (Berkeley), originally intended for farm managers, a basic guide to survival Spanish, especially for business people..


Media (English)

Mexico Reporter (English language multi-media news, information)  Last updated 2020.

Narco News Bi-lingual “progressive” (pro-Zapatista) on-line publication.  Last updated 2018.

Media (Español)

Corresponsales Indigenas Mexican news from indigenous peoples perspective (Español).  Last updated 2020

 El Capitalino al dia Mexico City “free” paper.  News, not entertainment.

El Debate de Sinaloa Regional daily.

Desde la fe Official organ of the Archdiocese of Mexico City

El Diario Daily, several regional editions

El Estatal Chihuahua daily

Excelsior Traditionally pro-administration, but in transition after the cooperative that owned it since 1917 sold out to private investors.

El Financiero Business daily, some articles in English.

Indigo Media Very slick multi-media news site.  Investigative reports and in-depth analysis of political/social events.

El Informador (Guadalajara) Largest daily paper in Jalisco

Info Veracruz (Veracruz) On line local news from Veracruz.

Jornada de Jalisco Guadalajara edition of the national left-wing daily.

Jornada Intellectual leftist daily. Don’t be surprised if there are footnotes in the editorials.

El Machete Communist monthly.

Milenio Center-right daily – several regional editions

El Mañana (Monterrey)

Noticias de Oaxaca

Notimex – Mexican wire service

Once-TV – e-noticias Public TV

Por Esto! Merida, populist daily

Prensa Popular crime and scandal tabloid

el Porvenir Monterrey daily.

Proceso Similar to Time or Newsweek

La Razon de México  National daily

SDP Noticias National/Pan-american

El Siglo de Durango

El Siglo de Torreon

El Universal Center-left daily. THE newspaper of record for Mexico.

Vanguardia Monterrey daily

La Voz de Michoacan Morelia, Mich.

ZETA Legendary Tijuana magazine, famed for investigative reporting

Mexican media links

Texas/Border media en español

This is far from a complete list. Some like the Presidio International/Internacional are not on-line… yet.

El Día (Houston)

El Heraldo News (Dallas)

Laredo Morning Times)

Law, business, economics

A Contracorriente — from Monterrey.  Economics and ecology.

Mexican Constitution 2009 translation

Federal Penal Code (in Spanish)

MexLaw… foreign (U.S./Canadian) legal service.

Mexican Justice Systems U.S. Dept. of Justice World Fact Book

Mexican Trade Commission (Bancomext) Good links.

Mining Watch Canada Excellent critical resource on the growing Canadian presence in Mexican (and world-wide) mining operations. Revista electronica latinoamericana en dessarrolo sustenable/Latin American Sustainable development electronic magazine. English, español, portuguese,français

Immigration and emigration

Bender’s Immigration Bulletin

“I Married An Alien” — cross cultural marriage and child rearing advice.  Not just for international couples in the U.S., but useful for gringos marrying (or raising kids) abroad. No updates since 2009.

Migra Matters Progressive immigration site.  Not updated since 2010

U.S. Code Title 8, Section 1325 — illegal entry into the United States

Mexico and Mexicans


Popocatepetl webcam Popocatepetl is intensely studied and watched. Even the local farmers consult this webcam

Servicio Sismologico Nacional Mexican government earthquake reporting center


Effective Swearing in D.F. Expand your vocabulary… at your own risk!

Learn Spanish online tutorial

Online English-Spanish dictionary

“Picardía Mexicana” Armondo Jimenez’ classic study of Mexican swearwords, slang and “calo”. En español

Jergas Spanish Slang – in Spanish

Spanglish-English-Spanish dictionary Not academic, but lots of fun

Basic Nahuatl

La raza cosmica History Directory

Olmecs, Mexica, Mayans en español

History of Mexico” Houston Institute of Culture

Aztecs(Mexica)Literature and Culture



Zapotecs en español

Nat. Comm. for Indigenous Peoples en español

The Spanish Inquisition Somewhat apologetic. From Catholic sources.

Lenchek, “Jews in Mexico”

Salum, “Irish Presence in Mexico”

Chinese in Mexico

Immigrants to a Developing Society:The Chinese in Northern Mexico (1875-1932). Evelyn Hu De Hart

Mormons Found Sanctuary in Mexico in 1860s Laura King and Amparo Garcia, “Borderlands”

Black Indian Mexico Extensive Afro-Mexican resources.

Black Mexico (Afro-Mexicans of the Costa Chica)

SerGay Mexico’s main gay/lesbian/bi/transexual monthly. En español.

Somos Primos  on-line magazine on Hispanic/Latino/Mexican heritage in the United States.

Tlatelolco: 2 Octubre 1968

Muertos de Tlateloloco

Los 71 dias que sacudieron a Mexico Archival photos and articles on the 40th anniversary of the 1968 massacre

Popular Culture

Mexican Cinema and Corridos

History of Mexican Comic (Books) English y Español

My Mexican Kitchen In English. Mexican cuisine blog

Hijo del Santo Luche libre museum, sports memorabilia shop and cafe in Mexico City, managed by the son of the great luchador.

Mexico Cooks — English guide to Mexican cuisine and popular culture.  Elegant writing and photos.

World Boxing Council/Consejo Mundial de Boxeo

Mexican League Baseball

Mexican Film Resource Page Encyclopedic film reference (en español)

Otro Tequila An entire blog dedicated to the national beverage.

Artes y cultura

Miguel Covarrubias links

B. Traven bibliography

Translations of Octavio Paz

Luis Barrigan Foundation (Germany)

Mexican Arts

Mexican Colonial Architecture

Sex — gay, straight and other (legal) activities

MachaMexico A Lesbian guide to Mexico City

Todos Mexico

La republica

Guia Roji Detailed street Maps: Mexico City, Guadajalara, Monterrey, etc.

Lonely Planet Mexico Forum For people who call themselves “travellers, not tourists”.

MexConnect Excellent for retirees, often good historical articles. Highly informative forum on social, political, bureaucratic concerns.

Paráfrasis — Art, architure, culture, history and everything else.  If the Mex Files was writen by Mexicans, it might be this good.

People’s Guide to Mexico Old hippy’s guide to Mexico.

Planeta Mexico “Practical eco-tourism”

“The (not so) low-rent correspondent” Mexico City journalist David Agren’s blog (no updates since 2013)

La frontera

Across the Border Former San Diego Union Tijuana reporter Anna Cearly’s blog

Alpine Daily Planet (Alpine Texas).  Last updated 2016

Border Reporter Arizona/Sonora  (last update 2014)

El Diario El Paso’s largest daily is part of the Mexican chain.

I must be crazy to live in Mexico Last I heard, the writer was living in Texas and commuting across the border.  Mostly on the travails of life in the gun and drug running borderlands.  Last updated in 2015.

Nogales International Nogales Arizona newspaper

Tijuana Press (includes weekly English-language news video)

La capital (el D.F.)

Chilango Mexico City “lifestyle” magazine

Ciudad de Mexico Official Government site (En español)

Guía Virtual de la Ciudad de México/Virtual Guide to Mexico City Español/English

Mexico City Metro (Subway)

Mexico City Photos by “sangroncito”

Midwesterner in Mexico Adventures/observations by a U.S. Embassy spouse, more observant the most I’ve met.  Last updated 2011.

El Norte

Blogabo Chihuahua, Chihuahua, last updated 2013

Brenda and Roy Guyamas, Sonora, last updated 2017

Chihuahua Resiste Part of a “chain” of leftist websites (Español)

Lipan Apaches Roberto Sosa

We’re looking for more

Baja y Pacifico (Tourist-oriented sites)

Puerto Vallarta Daily News Blog”The Bible” for Pacific Coast travel.


Jalisco, Oaxaca, Bajio

Casita Colibri,  Oaxaca

Surviving la Vida Buena Michael in Patzcuaro, Michoacan  Last update 2015

Veracruz, y Tabasco

From Xico Esther Buddenhagen’s Xicocotepec website.  More than a lifestyle site, includes astute commentary on ontemporary Mexican politics and culture.

John Todd, who knows everything about Veracruz. Very good on history.

Viva Veracruz blog

Mundo Maya: Chiapas y Yucatan etc.

The Daily Glyph English-language news from the Mundo Maya

Maya Exploration Center

Mostly Mayan Culture, archeology, travel  (in German)

Yucatan Living (Merida)

Writings from Merida Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado in Merida


Las Americas

Along the Malecón Havana blog in English: culture, politics, tourism

Alterinfos America Latina English edition of journal from “Diffusion de l’Information sur l’Amerique Latine

Andean Information Network:  Bolivian news and analysis

Barbados Free Press Snarky Barjan reporage.

Blabbeando:  GLBT, last updated in 2016

Bloggings by Boz Miscellaneous Latin American news reports and “inside the beltway” U.S. based analysis

Council on Hemispheric Affairs (English and Spanish) “progressive” U.S. think tank

Cuba Journal (from Miami, but not seeking “regime change”)

Democracia Multicultural Guatemalan political analysis (Español)

Haiti Analysis

Hermano Juanicito John Donaghy from Copan, Honduras

Inexplicata:  The Journal of Hispanic Ufology:  UFOs, chupacabras, and things that go bump in the night from Latin America and Spain.  Great fun.

The Latin Americanist Forum for all things Latin American.  Last post in 2016

Shannon O’Neill Shannon O’Neil’s (Douglas Dillon Fellow for Latin American Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations) timely updates on Latin American issues.

Machetera.  Latin American news and commentary from Cuba (in English).  Private site, permission only.

News of the Restless Pan-latin (mostly) socialist and people-power politics and commentary.

LANIC U of Texas Latin American Information Center

Latin-American Solidarity Centre Ireland

Texas Observer Damn good reading!

El Salvador Perspectives Especially good on religion and politics.

Upsidedown World English/Spanish Latin American magazine

Historical Documents and Miscellaneous

Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 (Set the boundry between the United States and New Spain).

1824 Mexican Consititution

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848) (ceding Texas, New Mexico and California to the United States).

Plan of San Luis Potosi (20 Nov. 1910) Madero’s call for revolution.

Temporary Migration of Mexican Agricultural Workers to the United States as Revised on April 26, 1943 The “Bracero Agreement” (the first “guest-worker program”

A los abajos (The Underdogs) Mariano Azuela’s short novel about Villista soldiers is the “All Quiet on the Western Front” of the Mexican Revolution. The e-book translation is bay Jeff Taylor.

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