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Sorry if this page is a bit of a mess… I haven’t had a chance to look at these in any detail, am trying to cut and paste in Mexico relevant wikileaks data as it is published, or brought to the Mex Files’ attention. As time permits, I will revise this set of pages to make it more user friendly.

As neither the New York Times nor the Guardian (the two English-language papers given access to the cables at the time this was originally posted ) have shown showed much interest in the Mexican material, I am relying on El País and Le Monde for much of this. When I lost access to Wikileaks, I cut and pasted from those papers, which accounts for some headings being in Spanish or French. I’ll edit as I can.

ALL MEXICO CABLES (Wikileaks Cable viewer)

Cables from US Embassy: Mexico City

08MEXICO3178  2008-10-27 18:06

U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza frets about Calderon administration’s repairing ties with Venezuela.

09MEXICO2882 2009-10-05

Assistance required from U.S. for Mexico:  In October 2009, the U.S. Embassy reported on a meeting between Mexican government and U.S. Justice Dept. officials.

09MEXICO3061 2009-10-23

Calderón claims Hugo Chaven interfering in Mexican politics: BullshitWhat’s important (or dangerous) is the U.S. insistence that Mexico — or perhaps the U.S. friendly Calderón Administration — should better coordinate internal intelligence operations.

09MEXICO3101 2009-10-28

Intentioon of Army chief to establish “state of exception” zones in parts of Mexico:   At least in October 2008, the U.S. Embassy didn’t think the idea would fly.

09MEXICO 3077

General Galvan (Mexican Sec. of Defense) with Blair (U.S. Director of National Intelligence) re: “rapid response” in the “drug war”.  References to “lessons from Iraq” and the length of time the military would be involved (and, of course, the need for more U.S. “cocoperation”) are all worth noticing.

10MEXICO77 2010-01-25

Tapachula Arms Conference:  U.S. claims Mexico is lax on Guatemalan/Belize border — but, it appears that Guat/Belize is not a major security concern

10MEXICO83 2010-01-29

Scenesetter for the Opening of the Defense Bilateral Working Group:  The really worrisome quote here is from Embassy official “Feeley” pushing the Mexican miltiary to take a proactive role in the nation, as opposed to it’s traditional role of “protecting the revolution”… (printed in red lettering) sounding as if there is something “wrong” with the Mexican military being only involved in Mexican defense (and not, say, supporting U.S. goals in the region).  Additionally, the cabler is contemptious of the PRI (and apologetic for perceived failures of the Calderón Administration) which, in many ways, makes this the most interesting of the cables I’ve read so far).

Cables from U.S. Consulate: Monterrey


Local consular official’s report on several grenade attacks on local police in late February 2010.

Cables from U.S. Embassy: Madrid

Cables from Secretary of State, Washington

09STATE14070 2009-02-14 16:04

Theoretical discussion of Venezuelan arms falling into the hands of Mexican “cartels”

09STATE124636 2009-12-04

Growing worry in U.S. over “situation in Mexico”:  WTF? — in December 2009, Hillary Clinton asked her diplomats to “assess” Mexican political leaders (as if they were being considered for a job… well, maybe they were)  and — incidentally — wants to know what Calderón plans to do about the PRI.

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