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Sounds reasonable (the infamous border crossing comic book)

6 January 2005

From that pamphlet for would-be border crossers that has everyone in a tizzy north of the border. (New York Times translation by James C. McKinley, Jr.)

Avoid loud parties; the neighbors might be bothered and call the police and you could be arrested.Avoid getting into fights. If you go to a bar or nightclub and a fight breaks out, leave, for in the confusion you could be arrested even though you did nothing.Avoid family or domestic violence. In the United States, as in Mexico, it is a crime. Domestic violence is not only blows, but also threats, shouts and mistreatment.If you are accused of domestic violence against your children, partner or some other person you live with, you could go to jail.

Do not carry firearms, knives or other dangerous objects. Keep in mind that many Mexicans are dead or in prison for this reason.

And don’t throw rocks at 12 foot tall cops either!
Historietas have an esthetic all their own… the migras I’ve met are dumpy guys without a lot upstairs. Once coming into Texas on the bus, a migra wanted to know what my U.S. passport was. A U.S. passport. Why was I carrying a U.S. passport. Uh…. because I’m a U.S. citizen? He then looked under my bus seat, presumably searching for illegal midgets.

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