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Man bites dog, and other news of the month

16 January 2005

Mexico don’t get no respectAccording to the C.I.A., Mexico isn’t going to be a world power any time soon. Oh well, with all that oil, and a second-rate army, I’m surprised the Bushistas went half a world away… It’s just as well they don’t know about the tacos sold by the two brothers from Jalisco outside Tacubaya Metro… Mexico’s top-secret weapons of mass destruction.But they bribe gringo copsThe MEXICAN Organized Crime Special Prosecutor, José Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, is expecting to hand down indictments soon against crooked cops in cahoots with narcotics smugglers. And where are these cops on the take to be found? In the U.S. Border Patrol!U.S. Drug Tsar, Barry McCaffrey say’s DUH!.

And an important anniversary
Today is the 413th birthday of Parque Alameda. We owe a debt of gratitude to Conde Velasco, the far-seeing Viceroy who hit on the happy idea of nice benches and a bit of shade to relax under while watching the Inquistion burn the heretics. That particular pasttime ended a few centuries ago (on Sundays, some of the best cheap entertainment around are the musical groups pushing various heresies). John Greenleaf Whittier, despite his Quaker and Abolitionist principles, served with the U.S. Occupation Forces here in 1847-48. He spent the remainder of his long life pushing New York to provide an urban park… today’s Central Park. Other U.S. cities think they got the idea from New York, but New York got the idea from that 16th century viceroy.

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