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Right-wing loons, even in “leftist Mexico”…

7 February 2005

we have our right-wing loons

The radio campaign to combat homophobia that the government plans to launch in March has come under fire from conservative groups, which say it promotes homosexuality.

UNPF (Unión Nacional de Padres de Familia) sent the health secretary a letter saying that though it agrees on the need to combat homophobia, it believes the health department should also offer services to “cure” homosexual deviation, Health Secretariat and the National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS (Censida) chief Jorge Saavedra told EFE.

Mexican wingnuts have it tough… they have to fight “the Jacoban threat” along with the normal fights Talibaptists north of the border fight against “the threat to traditional values” and the dreaded Darwin (at least in theory). I think they’ve lost the “condoms in the schools” issue. I admit I was shocked — but then I remembered that Mexico has the lowest HIV transmission rate in Latin America, and a rapidly declining birthrate — when I had to take one of my colleague’s 11-year old to the farmacia to buy something he needed for a school project — condoms. And this kid goes to a Catholic school.

OK, so Mexico isn’t paradise. But, at least our conservatives ignore the right-wing loons rather than bringing them into the government.

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