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25 May 2006

This 1943 Frieda Kahlo self-portrait in oil (did she ever do anything BUT self-portraits?) , Raíces set a new record for Mexican art prices at a Sotheby’s auction last night: 5.6 million dollars.

I am not a Kalo-phile. My preference is for artists whose work stands independently from their lives. What do you need to know about the O’s ( O’Higgins, O’Gorman, Orozco) to enjoy their art. What can we believe — besides his art — about serial liar, Diego Rivera. And does it even matter?

Kahlo was self-indulgent and self-referential: if you don’t buy into her biography (or, rather — her version of her psychobiography) the art is relatively meaningless. I always thought the art should be independent of the artist, and should stand alone without the myth — which may be what makes this portrait so unusual — Kahlo was healthy and happy at the time.

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  1. anonimo permalink
    12 April 2007 12:22 pm

    I think Frida painted a lot of self portraits because she felt alone. Also, I don’t see why a painter shouldn’t use art to explore their inner world.
    But I agree that her image is too overused these days. As for the movie, it could have been better. And Salma as Frida just didn’t seem right.
    Though one of the good things of watching that movie was discovering the lovely Lila Downs.


  1. Raíces by Frida Kahlo is a Testament of the Value of Mexican Art and Latina Artists - Nuestro Stories

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