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20 June 2006

According to the United States Census Bureau, Hispanics are “People who identify their origin as Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino may be of any race. Thus, the percent Hispanic should not be added to percentages for racial categories. Tallies that show race categories for Hispanics and nonHispanics separately are available.”

For no particular reason, other than it’s a neat photo, here’s a typical “hispanic woman” from the Mexican Revolution: Yaqui Indian scout Hermilianda Wong Chew

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  1. Edith permalink
    2 August 2007 4:03 am

    I have seen this picture many times before, but I didn’t know the soldadera had a Chinese surname… intrigueing to say the least. In her book ‘Yaqui Women’, Jane Holden Kelly tells the story of a Yaqui woman who married a Chinese store owner. He had saved her life by hiding her in his house when the rurales came looking for her during one of their Yaqui razzias.

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