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Another tourist

15 August 2006

I found this in the “Comments” section of a not particuarly informative Raw Story round-up of the latest news on the not-yet-decided, not-by-a-longshot Presidential elections…

This is a wonderful time to visit Mexico City. There are people of all ages in a festive, clean, creative, and optimistic FIVE MILE tent city that stretches from the main square through Chapultepec Park. It is deeply moving to find so many people so truly committed and hopeful.

Please visit the “plantón”, and tell people about what you see. It is not dirty. It is not disorderly. Local businesses are not failing (most businesses along Reforma are giant chain hotels, airline offices, etc.; many have access from the side lanes or perpendicular streets).

López Obrador is not a “fiery leftist”. Listen to him. He is rather dull, and not particularly left. It is simply because of the contrast with the other candidates that he is characterized as leftist.

Finally, AMLO is trying to maintain this protest peaceful. Desperate Mexicans are already reaching for their machetes.
Vic Tarugo

I sorta agree… when you come down to it… THIS brings a lot more folks into the streets of Mexico City, ties up traffic and outside of a few grumpy tourist sites, you’d never hear a complaint… and certainly not from the Mexicans.

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