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Light My Fire!

26 September 2006

The “missionary” season(summer) is ending and my own “virtual” hunting season has begun. The Christian neighbors to the north have been planting their ‘seeds’ all summer long throughout Mexican cities and rural villages. The focus of most of their energies has been on the poor and uneducated indigenous villagers, young orphans, alcoholics, troubled teens, and the aged. Now I’m about to turn my focus on the Evangelicals and their management teams.

“I have no problems with Jesus Christ; it’s his fan club that disturbs me.” (unknown author)

Too many well-meaning Christians are piling into their vans to do “good works” south of the border in the Lord’s name. They claim to be rescuing souls so that they can enter heaven. The missionaries begin their mission by passing out candy and leaflets to unsuspecting villagers. Before they know it, the children and parents are invited to attend get-to-know-you parties which are sponsored by the missionaries. More candy and small toys are given to the kids, teens get to see Bible movies, and the group sings along to Christian music. Before you can light a candle, their new “friends” are building them an orphanage and a playground. “What the heck, you’re so nice, we’ll build a little meeting hall for your alcoholics to hold meetings in, too. ”

“Gee, you’re such good people, we’ll build you a simple church and we’ll help you pray for answers to all your problems. If you’d like to go to heaven, someday, we can teach you how to be “saved”, otherwise, the devil owns your soul.” Simple as 1-2-3.

“Onward Christian Soldiers” They are soldiers, indeed. They are armed combatants who use Christ as a “front” for a diabolical goal. Christ, orphanages, food kitchens, toys, used clothing, and Bibles are there for window dressing. They will dress Christ up as a rock star or as Santa Claus in order to enlist these Mexican peasants into their army. They want numbers…. BABY!

Like TV ratings or “hits” on a blog, it’s all about numbers. It’s all about world domination! These missionaries are working Africa, India, China and the Phillipines as well as Mexico to ‘spread God’s word’ and make conversions. According to the there are presently 395 foreign mission agencies in Mexico …., # of service agencies… 205, # of major missionary institutions… 1,500, # of minor missionary institutions … 5,000. These numbers are not insignificant!

Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first elected Prime Minister (1963-1964) and President (1964-1978) said: “When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.”

Evangelical missionary work is a “glorified” pyramid scheme that keeps on giving! Their real goal isn’t to “save souls”, it’s to build their army. The real “mission” is to put up high numbers in order to influence governments for their own self-interests. The end-game is world domination. It’s a lobbying movement to end all lobbying movements. The Catholic Church did it in Mexico centuries ago and now the Evangelicals, the Mormons, the Muslims etc, are back (in Mexico) to increase their own flocks…. full steam ahead.

Evangelism is unethical. It is dishonest and arrogant to impose ones beliefs on another culture by the use of trickery and deception. Whether they come with guitars, or candy, on skateboards or in caravans…. they bring trouble. Every man, woman or child, peasant or scholar has the right to his/her own spiritual beliefs and practices.

“Most of the true Christian denominations are not involved in missions and evangelism. They strongly argue that missions is the corrupted and evil expression of true Christianity.” Crusade Watch

“Religion is sort of like a lift in your shoes. If it makes you feel better, fine. Just don’t ask me to wear your shoes. ” [George Carlin]

“In the fuss over the human loss and its political implications, what was largely overlooked is the extraordinary vanity and presumption that underlie the zeal of missionaries. They make it their goal and active business to disrupt the most fundamental ideals and values of the people on whom they inflict themselves. The measure of missionary success is how much dissatisfaction they can create among the often-poverty-stricken people they encounter. Missionaries only fail when their victims are holywaterproof.
Missionaries are frank imperialists. But because they operate in the spiritual realm, they continue to enjoy a fuzzy kind of permission to conduct a kind of business that is largely impossible in other less ethereal spheres of life.” New York Press~Nov. 22, 2005

Amen, brothers and sisters!

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  1. Max permalink
    23 January 2008 10:46 am

    “my own “virtual” hunting season has begun.”

    “Missionaries are frank imperialists.”
    “The end-game is world domination.”

    “It is dishonest and arrogant to impose ones beliefs on another culture by the use of trickery and deception. ”

    Then why do you have a website antichrist hypocrite ? Trying to impose your beliefs upon the world by propaganda and manipulative lies are we?

    Evangelism of truth is what everyone who learns something useful should do if they care about anyone other then themselves. God Himself is the greatest evangelist and became an man in Jesus Christ to bring the truth and offer salvation to the world. It is because He wants to provide a way for us to escape eternal damnation for our sins against Him and mankind. The Creator of all things does not owe ANYONE ANYTHING even to allow anyone to exist, let alone to allow us into His presence or give us eternal life. Only because God is not like us (selfish and wicked) did He care enough for mankind to come to us and evangelize (offer us the truth) in order that we may be saved from His wrath due us for our sins.

    If God never cared about anyone, He would not care to evangelize personally in Jesus Christ, nor to humble individual men enough to give their lives to go around the world sharing His offer of salvation to people.

    “They are armed combatants who use Christ as a “front” for a diabolical goal. Christ, orphanages, food kitchens, toys, used clothing, and Bibles are there for window dressing.”

    “More candy and small toys are given to the kids, teens get to see Bible movies, and the group sings along to Christian music.”

    Oh yes, WHAT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY compatible to the Mongol Hordes, Mayan human sacrifice, Moloch worship, Satanism, Child sex orgies, drug sex parties, Darwinian Psychology, Marxism, Anarchism, Nihilism, etc. etc..

    Your Antichrist Marxist propaganda (evangelized by the sword) spread the real lies and brought about over 100 million murders in the 20th century alone, the second greatest genocide in the history of the world second only to worldwide abortion, the greatest genocide in the history of the world.

    Everything that is good about the world is due to God’s evangelism and grace upon mankind and working through mankind to save it from itself, also His work through bible based missionaries who have risked their lives for thousands of years to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to the world and to give of themselves in charity work and educate others of the gospel of Jesus Christ so that people could freely become aware of their sins and the salvation offered to them through Jesus Christ. Then they may freely choose to change from their pagan, cannibalistic, human sacrificial, genocidal atheistic ways that the vast majority of the world was before the truth of Jesus Christ ever came to any nation 2000 years ago.

    There are always people who take the truth of Jesus and the Bible and use it for evil, that is not God’s fault nor does it invalidate God’s truth, it is just an example and proof of the claims of the Bible which state that man is lost in sin and wickedness and incapable of being righteous of himself, and if he does not turn to God in true repentance (not false repentance), and if God does not have mercy upon him, there is no hope for his life to become good in the sight of God or to do anything different then what he has done since the beginning of creation, that being to murder, abuse, torture, manipulate, lie, steal and destroy anything that comes in his way for his own selfish proud desires.

    False Christians are also clearly warned about in the Bible, it is no surprise to see Satan’s workers try to counterfeit themselves as servants of Jesus to bring about their own subversive satanic plots upon mankind. Again this is not God’s fault or the fault of the gospel, it is the outworking of the corrupted free will which God still allows mankind to act upon by choice.

    Evangelizing as commanded by Jesus Christ is not forcing anyone to believe anything, forcing a belief system upon people by violence or deception is the Darwinian, Marxist, antichrist way, God doesn’t force you or anyone else to accept Him or His truth in this life, he gave us His word the Bible, and sends out missionaries to spread the truth of Jesus, YOU CHOOSE freely to accept it or not, and obviously you have chosen to NOT accept it. Jesus Himself said if you are a missionary of the gospel and you go to a place to preach to people about Christ and they curse you and don’t want to hear any more about it, that you are to wipe the dust off your feet and move on to someone else who does want to hear about Christ. There is no forcing by use of violence or lying propaganda in the Biblical method of evangelistic sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyone who forced anyone by violence to become a Christian by use of the sword is not following the Biblical method.
    Jesus Himself said “My Kingdom is not of this world”.

    The only hope for mankind is in Jesus Christ, He who created all mankind and the universe itself, the One who owes us NOTHING, yet in His love gave of His own life in the Son Jesus Christ so that every means possible would be offered to us to be saved from our sinful natures and be reconciled unto Him, the Creator, the One who has all power and right to throw us in hell for all eternity if we are not washed from our sins through Jesus Christ so that we may even come near His Eternal Holy presence.


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