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Calling long distance….

10 October 2006

Let’s cross our fingers that they don’t get a busy signal.CID=2 is reporting that “Teotihuacan will be the launch pad for an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial life”.

“In addition to the data being shot into space, some chosen submissions will also be projected onto the side of the 216-foot-tall pyramid for spectators and other Web surfers to view via a real-time, global Web broadcast, according to Reuters”

Interested parties from around the world will have an opportunity to contribute text, images, video and sounds that reflect human nature to be included in the message which will be sent off on October 25, 2006. Submissions may be submitted starting today.

Yahoo’s “Time Capsule” project will digitize and beam the messages up into space with a laser.

” We have this incredible ancient site and from that site we can project contemporary content,” Srinija Srinivasan Yahoo’s editor in chief, told Reuters. “What is new is the ability to capture this information in such scale.”

Maybe we should submit an image of the newly funded “anti-immigration” fence which is to be built along the U.S./Mexican border. It could send the message to extraterestrial aliens that the U.S. doesn’t take a liking to aliens coming up from the south. That way, if any Martians recieve the Time Capsule messages, they(ET aliens) can plan on entering the U.S. from its northern border.

Ain’t that a nice “How do you do“? I wonder if the INS captures any ET aliens wandering around Roswell, N.M. (as a result of the Time Capsule experiment)….. will they foot the bill to send them home, too….like they do the Mexican illegals???

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