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AMLO sashes the opposition…

20 November 2006

Photo AFP

… or is he the opposition?

By just not fading away quietly, AMLO remains a force to be reckoned with in Mexico.  I don’t think he really expects to support an “alternative governement” through donations… what he’s done is very creatively set up a relevant “think tank” that will pester the incoming conservative administration , and keep them — not to the “straight and narrow” but force them to deal with the 66% of the voters that did not chose Calderón.  This should be… um… interesting.

MEXICO CITY (AFP) – Defeated leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador donned a “presidential sash” before a crowd of thousands, calling himself Mexico’s legitimate leader.

Lopez Obrador called for “the start of construction of a new republic against a neo-fascist oligarchy” and announced the formation of a “parallel government” to “protect the rights of the people.”

In a symbolic “inauguration” in the capital city’s central square, he said “it is an honor to be the legitimate president of Mexico.”

Followers of his Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) have threatened to disrupt president-elect Felipe Calderon’s December 1 inauguration. Calderon is succeeding President Vincente Fox.

Lopez Obrador, 53, has said he is girded for battle with the incoming administration and the National Action Party (PAN), which backs Fox and Calderon. He claimed the July 2 presidential election was stolen.

Lopez Obrador and his supporters have protested for months, at times bringing central Mexico City to a halt with acts of civil disobedience.

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  1. 21 November 2006 8:20 am

    prof cero has a tasty YouTube news brief on AMLO’s possession of the Zocalo–basically a moving shot of your foto there… i’d repost it, but i’m on another computer and it would prove too difficult.

    good for AMLO. i’m sick of all these people saying “oh he’s pathetic, he’s a loser, he’s gone” as if they love spouting el gobierno’s propaganda. some people have to stand up for ideal. i choose to believe that is what he is doing.

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