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An unexpectedly early visit from a wise man

12 December 2006

I wasn’t expecting Gaspar, Melichor and Balthazar until January.  But some wise man made a sizable donation to the Mex Files, that is certainly appreciated.    

Lyn has family obligations that take priority right now, and I’m trying to keep this site going.  I was updating at least two or three times a week, but right now, without a phone, it’s a challenge.  No phone, no internet access.  And, seeing I’ve been supporting the Mex Files (and myself) off what I earn writing on Mexican businesses for some on-line business publications, and some freelance work for a couple local newspapers, it’s harder and harder.   

My checking account is still overdrawn about $250 and I owe about $300 on the phone bill.  I’m using the public library to update the Mex Files (at least once a week – thank you Bill Gates), but there’s no way I can put in the twenty or thirty hours the site deserves with an hour’s internet time.  Right now, I write from home, save the data on disk (I’m using a very old computer with Microsoft Millennium … #$%^!!!  you, Bill Gates!) which at some point will need to be replaced with another used computer. 

The North Chihuahua Desert, or at least the Big Bend, where I live, is a good place to write:  right on the border, not a lot of distractions and if being an eccentric semi-recluse is not quite mandatory, it’s  certainly socially accepted behavior.  The only downside of “Alaska with cactus” is… well, it’s
Alaska with cactus.  Even though I walk just about everywhere in Alpine, I have to keep my 18-year old car running (I really should have it insured and properly registered if I want to get to the dentist on the Mexican side of the border), buy groceries and pay the higher utility bills charged rural customers in the U.S. (my “normal” phone bill, with unlimited long distance – in Alpine I can walk over and see anyone I need locally – and broadband access is $80).  There’s not much out here, but I’m looking for a “regular job” (as in a regular paycheck and maybe something weird like insurance) and trying to keep up with my “REAL” job at the Mex Files. 

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