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A whopping 64 people arrested. Who knows how many disappeared?

19 December 2006

¡Para justicia y liberdad! manages to milk the worthless “illegal immigrant” raid on Swift Meat Packing (a whole 64 “illegals” out of over 1200 people “detained” were arrested.

These raids sound more and more like something done in the spirit of the late General Pinochet:

The Des Moines Register reported that workers arrested at Swift & Co. packing plants in Iowa and Nebraska were being held at Camp Dodge. 90 workers from the Swift plant in Marshalltown, and most of the 261 workers from the Swift plant in Grand Island, Nebraska.

If you check out a map, the distance from Grand Island Nebraska to Marshalltown Iowa is about 350 miles.   TPM Muckracker has more on the “disappearances”. 

 If, not being an “illegal alien”, you think none of this matters, I’ll let the inimitable XicanoPwr speak for himself: 

Any person who really thinks they are free while their neighbor is not should, at best, consider their freedom temporary because in a whim it can be easily revoked; and, at worst, their freedom is just a mere illusion. Think of it this way: Blacks and Latinos are targets by xenophobic racists, along with homosexuals and women, for no other reason than those doing the oppressing are still figuring out a way to cull the working class whites from the herd. Unfortunately, the sort of people who are better off don’t have Jim Crow laws, lynching, voting disenfranchisement, miscegenation laws and other forms of institutional racism that were common in America for most of the 20th Century as part of their living memory.

“Homeland Security Chief” Michael Chertoff at his latest press conference

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  1. 6 August 2009 11:53 am

    Rasicm in any form is wrong.

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