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Mark in Mexico’s big scoop… only a bit late

4 January 2007

Mark in Mexico seemed to find it amusing that the Mexico City police recently cracked down on replica (not toy) gun dealers in Mexico City (as even Mark’s source — the far right Cronica de Hoy reported), especially when the city is in the middle of a “crime wave.”  Oh, wait a minute:  the “crime wave” report is a New York Times article dated 1 May 1998 on a State Department “Consular Information Sheet.” 

Let’s see.  CISs aren’t taken seriously by most travellers anymore (if they ever were).  At one point, when there were a few U.S. Canadian spats back during the Reagan administration, the U.S. State Dept. issued warnings about Ottawa — and not just to watch your step when it was icy! 

 And, back in 1998 there was “escalating crime” … or at least escalating crime reports.  After all, President Zedillo’s PRI wasn’t at all pleased with the Capital’s elected PRD administration, and the Police Chief is the only high ranking Mexico City official still appointed by the President. 

The Capital’s new chief executive,  Marcelo Ebrard was himself fired by Vincente Fox when he was police chief (Ebrard was AMLO’s choice for the job… and an interesting one he was.  Kinda baby faced, he sure didn’t look like a cop.  And his education was in social work and administration.  The police department improved dramatically under his tenure). As Chief Executive, Ebrard’s anti-crime drive is focusing on what Mexico City “contributes” to the narcos… money laundering facilities.  (in a Notimex story dated TODAY, not several years ago).

Ebrard was (something Mark gets almost right) fired after three federal cops were lynched (back in November 2004) and police helicopters were unable to reach the scene (in a very isolated part of the city).  What Mark forgets (or never knew… or just plain doesn’t want to tell us, since that would ruin his whole “story”…) was that the Feds wouldn’t provide fuel for the city heliocopters (and was more complicated than Mark remembers). 

But other than those few problems (and forgetting that “all 146 of the Rudolph Giuliani team’s recommendations for cleaning up the Mexico City police forces” involved things that were either unconsitutional, or never meant to be implemented (I remember Giuliani coming to visit, touring Tepito — which I’ve walked through regularly — in an armored personnel carrier) the story’s

 Otherwise, “Mark in Mexico” is upholding his usual standards

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  1. 4 January 2007 8:23 pm

    is it wrong that one of my dreams is to travel to mexico and start a fistfight with him?

    oh SNAP did i say that out loud???

    JUS KIDDIN MARK! feel el amor! FEEEEEEL IT

  2. 4 January 2007 11:47 pm

    Can this be another Article 33 violation ?

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