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At least the tourists are happy (Oaxaca)

8 January 2007

The APPO menfolk, thoroughly cowed by the PFP, have decided to confront legal authority with the women and children.

Mark in Mexico complains that women and children are protesting against these incarcerations. Probably not for the reason Mark thinks:

 Testimony by Architect Porfirio Domínguez Muñozcano, who was arrested while leaving his office in downtown Oaxaca 25 November: 

At the moment that I regained consciousness, my head was already bandaged.  I was very beaten.  My face was very inflamed.  This eye was almost completely closed [indicating his left eye].  I had big bruises all over my body.  And when I woke up, I didn’t have my shoes anymore, my cell phone was gone, as was a camera that I was carrying.  I no longer had my driver’s license, my vehicle registration, or my voter registration card—all of the documentation that I usually carry on me. I had nothing, none of that documentation….

Upon recovering consciousness, I began to notice that the agents of the PFP were beginning to transfer the compañeros to an unknown destination.  Many were being taken in buses, pickup trucks, and in my case, I was taken with others and we were put on top of each other – we were put on top of each other, one on top of the other – and, well, they took us towards an unknown destination. And during this entire trip, they were constantly threatening us, psychologically torturing us, and hitting us with the weapons they were carrying at the time.  They were kicking us and hitting us with the butts of their weapons. They stepped on our fingers, our heads. These people truly created a situation of psychological torture for us.

… The theme of the journey was simply torture. Then there was a time when they parked for about 2 hours and they told us that a helicopter was coming for us, and that it was either going to take us to an unknown destination or that they were going to throw us out of the helicopter and that would be the end of us. They were always constant threatening us throughout the whole journey.

I know the city of Oaxaca very well, and I could hear what the PFP were saying. From what they were saying, I began to realize that they were probably taking us to the Women’s Prison at Tanivet, Tlacolula….

…around 2 or 3 in the morning, we arrived at the prison and I realized that there were many people that they had detained.  At that moment, theywere talking about 74 men, 16 women, and 8 to 10 children – children, minors who had been taken to this prison.

What we are doing right now is starting to gather all of the information to see if it is possible to take a public denunciation to the national and international press, to expose wherever possible this whole process and my being a victim of injustice. I also want to tell you at this time that I am still in medical treatment for my condition, and I am paying all of the medical bills for the treatment I am receiving.

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    Wow. Thanks for linking to this.

  3. 9 January 2007 1:12 am

    server crashed, site is down. it’s XP’s server, too. my new status blog in cases like this is here:

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