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Department of DUHHHH…

9 January 2007

OK, I admit it… I’ve developed an unhealthy fascination with the statistics reports this blog generates.  I’m really surprised that there’s over 300 people a day interested enough to read this (less on weekends and holidays, natch).  And that I’ve had visitors from places like Iran  (Sa’allam — sorry, I can’t do Farsi script) and the Army Intellegence Corps computer in Mannheim Germany (Howdy… Sirs.  I assume you were here to plan your trip to Cancan, and not because of the “interesting” folks who come to visit from places like… oh… Iran.  Whatever it was, I won’t ask, and you won’t tell). 

I still puzzled though, when I look at the reports on search engine terms.  How I ended up somehow as a source when you type in “Glenn Beck” is beyond me… but then, so is Glenn Beck.  Not having a TV is a blessing:  from his internet site, I gather he’s something like the names of Satan — LEGION.  As in Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, yadda-yadda-yadda. 

Anway, I looked up Glenn Beck’s website.  Apparently, his TV show included a segment on this starting revelation:


The source is that piece of trash, whack-job yellow journalism rag highly reliable informative source, Wing Nut Word Net Daily.

More than 9,000 sex offenders have been arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials through a series of stings called Operation Predator in three years of operation, a 2006 Department of Homeland Security Report says. But some experts are wondering if the efforts are enough to protect innocent American children from being preyed on by returning criminal alien sex offenders

Who are these “some experts”… damned if I can tell. The fine folks at WND then tell us…

Foreign nationals account for roughly 85 percent of child sex offenders arrested by the operation, which was launched by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge in July 2003, officials say.

Before you light your torches and start chasing the monsters across the border(s), you might want to take a look at this partial sentence…

The program was designed to safeguard children from foreign national pedophiles, human traffickers and international sex tourists

OH… I see. Homeland Security (and pedophiles, disgusting and gross as they may be, aren’t exactly a threat to the homeland, but what the hey…) was looking for foreign perverts, and most of the sleazebags they found while seaching specifically for foreign perverts they found turned out to be… foreigners.

Why can’t the right-wing idiots find a more credible newscaster?  Oh… oh…. NEVER MIND…

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  1. 18 January 2007 12:44 pm

    Did the Mayan priests cut hearts out of their captives by the thousands?

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