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Civil Unions bill passed in Coahuila… wow!

11 January 2007

Notimex/ La Jornada On Line (my translation)

11/01/2007 19:18

Saltillo. Meeting in a special session, the State Congress approved the “Civil Solidarity Pact” this evening, giving equal rights and obligations of all cohabiting couples, heterosexual or homosexual.

Following weeks of intense debate within the local Congress over the role of society within the state, the majority faction Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), assisted by the Partido del Trabajo (PT – “Workers’ Party”), approved the legal modifications to the existing code.

After a three hour debate, the iniative was rejected by the other four parties in the Legislature:  Acción Nacional (PAN), Verde Ecologísta de México (PVEM –”Green Party of Mexico”), Revolución Democrática (PRD) and Unidad Democrática de Coahuila (PUDC), whose legislators considered the legislation to be anti-family.

Furthermore, PAN delegates promised that within a few days they would raise constitutional quations about the parliamentary procedure used by the Coahuala legislature before the Federal Supreme Court (SCJN – Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación).

In the special session, 15 legislators mounted the podium to urge passage or rejection of the iniative, followed by three hours of debate before voting. The legislation passed 20 to 13.


A couple of surprises for me. We always assume PRD are the forward-thinking progressives (which, for the most part, they are), but Mexican politics being what it is, the PRD is going to vote against the PRI no matter what they do. Incidentally, it was Lopez Obradór who held up passage of the Civil Unions bill in the Federal District… or, rather, fear that support by the PRD would damage his chances in the Presidential campaign.


The Greens (PVEM) are PRI allies nationally, but were PAN allies before – and have a reputation for being “grillos” that jump to whatever side they think will garner them the most support. I expect nationally, they’ll be joining with PAN to form a legislative majority. PT joined with PRD in the Lopez Obradór coalition, and is part of the federal congressional “Frente Amplio Progesivo” (Wide Progressive Front),  along with PRD and Convergencia.  But… as they say in Mexico (and Boston, and Brewster County)… “All politics is local.” 

But Coahuila? Outside of Satillo, it’s a rural, isolated place – a lot like Brewster County Texas for that matter (we border both Coahuila and Chihuahua.  Looks about the same, too!). But, we’re pretty cranky individualists here in the Big Bend, and our friends on the other side of the border are much the same… libertarians at heart, whatever party-label they wear.

Incidentally, Texas was once part of Cohuila, but that was a long, long time ago.  Hmmm… 

Better not say anything. The Texans tossed out Santa Ana, but what did we end up with?  Rick Perry, George W. and a buck and a quarter surcharge for a pack of cigarettes.  .. as the dad of one of our more embarrasing productions would say “wouldn’t be prudent” to commit to print what just crossed my mind. 

mas, de Diaro de Coahuila (Saltillo) aquí

Citius64 (aka Alfredo Narváez Lozano) looks at how the Mexican media covered the story (en español).  What Citius64 noticed is how LITTLE national coverage there was… a good thing, really. Why should a common sense, civilized, decent legal change be front page news? We aren’t barbarians. 

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  1. el_longhorn permalink
    12 January 2007 9:56 am

    So true about the cranky individualists. I have great affection for them and they give me hope.


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