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Canadians say the darndest things… those nice folks in the Great White North

18 January 2007

David Agren, a Canadian in Guadalajara, who makes his living (I hope sufficiently) covering Mexico for a number of his own country’s (and other) publications weighs in on the continuing saga of the late Adam de Prisco on his website:  Tales From The Chicken Bus

Canadians – even the ones that take winter junkets down the Puerto Vallarta and Cancun – really know very little about Mexico and thus a number of stupid and downright prejudiced comments have been appearing on message boards. These comments on the Globe and Mail’s site by someone called Lyn Alg tops them all for sheer ignorance:

“One would be safer and wiser to take a vacation in the centre of Baghdad or in Afghanistan than in Mexico.”

Please. It’s small town cheap comments like this that make me not miss Canada, which for all of its supposed tolerance and worldliness, is distressing parochial and small minded – not to mention ignorant of Latin America.

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  1. 18 January 2007 7:32 pm

    sad thing is…there’s people right in the USA who feel the same way.

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