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Most right, but … WTF???

8 February 2007

Although the Mex Files deals with U.S. politics now and again, this is (theoretically) a Mexican cultural and news site … and was originally set up in Mexico, and still listed as Mexican blog written mostly in English (a sincere ¡GRACIAS! for the nomination for a minor category Koufax Award, but I’m not eligible). 

I don’t think I’ll be asked, but the Mex Files does not endorse candidates.  Last Presidential election, I didn’t bother to vote (I would have had to vote absentee in Texas, and it was a foregone conclusion that George W. Bush would get the state’s electorial votes. The other guy’s main virtue was he was relatively sane by comparison, but he was an ignoramus when it came to Latin America). 

Having said all that, I’m gonna post again about Bill Richardson.  Richardson happened to grow up in Mexico City, which is more or less within the boundries of this site, and besides, it was an excuse to talk about the Mormons of Chihuahua.  I don’t think a Governor, with diplomatic and cabinet officer experience (and coming from a rich family) would be a unlikely choice for a candidate (and there are several — maybe too many — “interesting” choices right now). 

Anway, Richardson gave a speech Thursday (08 February) to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which was apparently well-received, establishes his “creds” as an international expert and said a lot of right things (reported in the Dallas Morning News):

Richardson, now governor of New Mexico, said demonstrating a commitment to multilateral cooperation could start by expanding the U.N. Security Council from its current five permanent members to 10. He said he would grant membership but not veto power to Germany and Japan and representation to Asia, Africa and Latin America, perhaps with countries in those regions rotating the seat.

He also called for the United States to join the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on curbing such emissions “and then go well beyond it.”

He said that would mean sacrifice to cut oil imports from 65 percent of fossil fuel use to 10 percent in 15 years. He said it would require a massive public and private investment in renewable technology and a drastic increase in automobile fuel economy standards. “This has to be led by a president,” Richardson said.

Richardson also said to win the war against Jihadism, the United States must first live up to its own ideals.

“Prisoner abuse, torture, secret prisons, renditions, and evasion of the Geneva conventions must have no place in our policy,” Richardson said. “If we want Muslims to open to us, we should start by closing Guantanamo.”

All very good (as is his support of medical marijuana in his own state)… I like Richardson (but, I like a lot of the “Ds” so far).  But why did he have to add this (picked up from a Jornada report) at that Center for Stategic and International Studies speech… Mexican blogs in English noticed:

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said Thursday that Mexico would have to restrict citizens moving to the northern border in order to reduce emigration to the United States.

Would this mean President Calderón (or “legitimate president Lopez Obradór”) can request we be moved off the southern border to reduce gun running and money laundering?  Sounds a tad imperalist to me, not to mention I think the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has something to say about the free movements of people.  Uh… Bill… you were a U.N.Ambassador. 

I hope this was just an observation, and not something the crazies are gonna start suggesting.  I can see Tom Tancredo DEMANDING something like this.  Anyway, it’s too DAMN EARLY to talk about the November 2008 Presidential Elections.  Why can’t the U.S. do like Mexico and have closely contested, probably fraudulent elections in a 90-day campaign and let us talk about something else (oh… global warming, agricultural policy, etc.) until then. 

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