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I love a mystery (and a farce)…

20 February 2007

The mystery is the Ianiero murder, back in February 2006.  The Ianaro’s, from Woodbridge Ontario, were found with their throats slit in a Cancún hotel room, where they were to attend a wedding. 

The alarmist Canadian press, building on the unsolved mystery and a few later unrelated incidents, was full of it … warnings about the dangers of Mexican travel.  My otherwise sensible friend, Harding — who covers the heart of darkness in the blood-soaked great white north *– speculated on the need for a boycott and/or Canadian actions (beyond the annual invasion of “girls gone wild”.)

The low rent correspondent has a good review of the latest from Canada and Mexico… and the Toronto Golbe and Mail has a well-balanced five page story on the Ianiero murder that looks more and more like something out of “the Godfather, eh?” and less and less like “Under the Volcano.” 

From The Globe and Mail:

“It wasn’t a robbery. There was no robbery,” said one member of the extended Ianiero family who asked not to be identified. “If nothing was stolen, how could it be a robbery?”

And, now on stupid criminals in Mexico report …

Peter Kimber, the alleged conman, thief, pimp, drug dealer and know trailer trash (ok… old school bus trash) who had been sent to prison two years ago … and became a minor cause celebre in Canada with a PR blitz February 1… has pretty much vanished from the media.  Except for this amusing proposition:

John Joseph Kennedy, who claims to be running for President of the United States on — I guess, the be nice to incarcerated conmen ticket — is being petitioned to put up the 200,000 peso restitution required to spring him, and get him back to Canada.  The people who were cheated, the Hunnybells, meanwhile, reportedly  have no problem with Kimber being deported back to Canada.  They just want their money. 

Oh well… he’s incarerated in Oaxaca, so won’t be roomies with Jalisco’s Most Wanted (or unwanted) Duane Dog Chapman…convicted felonbail-jumping bail-bondsman,  publicitiy “hound” and all-round scofflaw

One of the “Celebrity Gossip blogs” said it best:

Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman is heading to Mexico after failing to obey the rules. The man who’s now famous for chasing down bail jumpers in Waikiki on his A and E TV show forget that only cops in Mexico can break into houses and arrest peop

I wonder if they offered him a cigarette & told him he needs to find god… And beat his ass as well. One can only hope. Only reason I mentioned the ass whipping is because you know damn well he gets his hits in when the camera ‘needs a new battery’.

* Out here in west Texas, it doesn’t take nearly the skill Harding needs to turn every stupid criminal (and there ain’t no other kind) into the next Hannibal Lecter… except for that guy in British Colombia, who apparently was Hannibal the Cannibal… he has to really pull out all the creative stops to write his hair-raising tales of Toronto terror. 

UPDATE (22-Feb): Harding is all over this, “like white on rice,” as they say in Tejas. 

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