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Um… speaking of Mexicans abroad

28 February 2007

Vicente Fox seems reluctant to return to Mexico. I saw where he was in Nigeria, writing for This Day (Lagos) about ex-presidents…

In Mexico , many of the presidents we have had in the 20th Century would finish their terms by taking away the furniture, the paintings and anything they could from the presidential residence. A number of them also finished their terms, appointed their successors and immediately leave the country to hide away.

I don’t know if anyone’s counted the silverware at Los Pinos, but where Don Chente’s has been popping up everywhere BUT Mexico.  At a Junior League banquet in OhioNorman Oklahoma … now in Dallas, to complain that the ten legal charges pending against him are “slanders and lies.” 

The charges involve election law violations — he owed his election to the reform that keeps sitting presidents from interfering in elections for his successor.  Something he promptly forgot when AMLO looked like the odds on favorite.  

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