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So much for “Mexico, siempre fiel”

1 March 2007

… as Juan-Pablo II called the country.   

Citius64 posted the original (from the paid-subscription only Reforma, 24-Feb-2007) on his website.


Less than ten percent of Catholics attend Sunday Mass, according to the Archdiocese of Mexico (City).

A notice on the Archdiocesan web page estimated that if all baptized Catholics attended Mass, there would not be enough churches, and priests would have to hold services outdoors.


Unfortunately, the number of persons attending Sunday Mass fluctuates between six and nine percent of those baptized,” according to figures compiled by the Archdiocesan Office of Planning and Statistics.

The report went on “There are approximately 1,129 churches, serving an average of 8,000 people each. Every church would have to be equal in size to the Basilica of Guadalupe if that number of people attended every Sunday mass, at the same hour “.


Many priests admit they recognize that missing masses is something to worry about. “However,” said the report, “the baptized who are missing Mass should be a lot more worried.”


The reality is the nuns, tourists (and tour guides) usually outnumber the faithful, even in the Metropolitan Cathedral.  This photo was taken by Dutch tourist:


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