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I guess he can drive you to the hospital…

2 March 2007

Blogotitlan (a luche libre of a website… think Wonkette, tag-teaming with Rude Pundit and Atrios) recalls the stink PAN made when AMLO (remember him?) paid his chauffer as “chief of staff”.  The chauffeur doubled (or tripled) as body-guard and appointments secretary and — given AMLO’s penchant for 6 AM press conferences, worked really, really long hours. 

Anyway, the PANista Governor of Jalisco, Emilio González Márquez  is also putting his chauffer in a second job… as Secretary of Health! 

Blogotitlan leaves out (but I looked up) the possibly interesting (and maybe relevant) factoid that González was originally a PDM activist.  Partido Democratica Mexicana had a strange idea of democracy… synarchism, fascism with a roman collar (a la Francisco Franco).  They were winning elections at one time in Jalisco, but disappeared in 1997 when they lost their party registration. 

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