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Supply and demand… up to you, George

10 March 2007

George W. is trying to sell the glories of “free trade”, so maybe he’ll listen to Felipe Calderón… he sure hasn’t listened to me… or Vicente Fox. Maybe Don Felipe can it though his thick coke-addled skull…

Growing demand by drug consumers in the United States is responsible for drug trafficking in Mexico, President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa said Saturday, adding that it was up to the authorities in that country to increase efforts to control the trade.

“We are the ones paying with our lives (to combat organized crime) and the United States must do more than make symbolic gestures, much more”, Calderón said in an interview on the presidential airplane only two days before a scheduled meeting with his American colleague in the state of Yucatan.

The chief executive affirmed that he will raise the necessity of the United States undertaking more aggressive strategies to combat drug trafficking when he meets with Bush on Tuesday.

He must do much more work to reduce consumption, much more work to stop his own narcotics traffickers on his side, “ Calderón emphasized.

Calerón asserted that Mexico has been doing its part, as exemplified by the 20,000 soldiers who took part in operations within several states where violence related to drug trafficking has reached unprecedented levels.

Mexico cannot diminish the drug supply, if the United States does not reduce their demand. That’s a basic equation, said the Chief Executive, who took office last December with a promise to attack drug trafficking head-on.

(AP/El Universal 10 March 2007, my translation)

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