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11 March 2007

Father and sons

I found this photo on “Country Scribe” a weblog written by Minnesota author Eric Bergeson. There are some fine Mexico City photos from his trip in February 2005. I liked this one.

Bergeson asks “How often in this country would you see a father and his sons walking down the street arm in arm? In Mexico, it isn’t rare at all.”

I’ve seen some pretty involved Mexican fathers — I wrote in 2003

Surprisingly, machos – and Mexican men in general – have always been attentive fathers and take their share of responsibility in child rearing. Pancho Villa’s surviving children all remember the archetypical Mexican macho as a loving and involved father. It’s normal today to see small children at their father’s worksite, or fathers caring for babies.

… but not everyone is Pancho Villa. We can all use a little help:   

México, DF. Saying it’s about time men in Mexico City assumed some of the work done by women, Federal District Chief Executive Marcelo Ebrard said the local administration will offer courses and workshops on domestic chores for men. 

In the inauguration of the International Woman’s Day Fair on the city’s main plaze, he said that men need to change their thinking and share functions and responsibilities in housework and child-rearing. Marcelo Ebrard said that his daughters are grown now, but when they were small, he was active in their education.

Accompanied by his wife Mariagna Prats, Ebrard stated that the Federal District government must assist the people in making the necessary changes, and will begin offering child-care classes to men. The classes and workshops are expected to start within the next two weeks, offered in public facilities and schools through the Federal District’s Institute for Women and the Secretariat of Education.

(Jornada:  10-Marzo-2007)

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