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Peter out…

12 March 2007

Remember the strange saga of Peter Kimber, the Canadian squatting in Hualtalco in a bus with a wife and seven kids?  He was the guy who defrauded a British hotel owner (or so everyone seems to agree) out of 200,000 or so pesos, claiming to be a qualified builder. 

Kimber ended up in the slammer, and his no-count kinfolk deported back to Canada.  Not being able to repay the money he owed, he sat in jail… concocting a tale (which just was a tad incredible… though the part about being forceably injected with unknown substances was dramatic… though straight out of a lot of really bad movies over the years).  And sat there for a year or two… until…

The well-aimed shit hit the fan, about February 1.  The shit-aimers included a talk radio hostess (and Evangelical preacher) from British Columbia, and some guy with a website named John Joseph Kennedy, who claimed he was running for president of the United States. I picked up the story from a post on “Lonely Planet” soon after.

The interesting thing was that all the Canadian news stories were exactly the same as the press releases.  There was already enough anti-Mexican propaganda in the Canadian press at the time. And there were  even calls to “boycott Mexico”. All of which was alternately amusing and appalling, but February was a busy month here… shootings in Arizona, Molly Ivins and the Burro Lady died, the drug war nonsense went on, the Tepito raids… a few more important things than this minor case.  

And, I’d sworn off making fun of Canada for Lent. 

A mysterious blogger named “factfile” appeared out of nowhere… or out of Hualtalco, with what seems to be solid reporting on the story.  It’s obvious that “factfile” is someone connected to the English couple, or at least a partisan of theirs (factfile uses Received English spelling — “neighbour” — where Americans use “neighbor”.  Most Mexicans use American spelling for English).  He (or she) has been all over the blogosphere (and in the “comments” sections of some Canadian papers) about this incident. 

According to JJ Kennedy’s “Free Peter Kimber” site, Kimber was freed March 9Factfile claims Kennedy and donors paid the fine, but I can’t find confirmation of that. 

The Vancouver Province reported this morning that Kimber would be back in British Columbia this evening.  What bothers me is they keep saying:

“What would have become a small-claims dispute in Canada instead resulted in imprisonment for Kimber on Oct. 15, 2004.”

A $24,000 Canadian Dollar fraud  is a SMALL CLAIMS dispute? I don’t think so. 

Factfile is happy to see Kimber out… of Hutalco, the country, his hair… but has a few parting shots:

Now he is your problem Canada and good luck with that.

My mystical powers … looking into the future see this scenario very soon.

Peter Kimber gets new house on social services. Peter Kimber pisses of residents of said neighbourhood with petty threats, robberies and the suchlike. There is a large group of people who are demanding that someone do something. Peter Kimber is in the dock again for … let’s say … robbery of an old ladies life savings (as he said he was going to build a garage for her). He is meanwhile on the prowl back in his house and abusing the old lady with death threats …

“If only it was like Mexico” they should say (but won’t) the wanker would be arrested and then the money would be returned to the old dear… but hey … Canada has such a superior legal system doesnt it? …

… in other words he is free to defend himself with scumbag lawyers who will eat away the old ladies savings … he will never actually serve a day in prison and the old lady will die of sadness and injustice.

Sound too far fetched? Then you obviously never knew the guy.

And, this should be my last post on that!

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  1. 13 March 2007 9:40 am

    Actually, according to this website:

    The maximum for a small claims case in the province of British Columbia is 25,000 Canadian dollars. Of course, I’m not sure how their currency works: whether a single slice of back bacon or moose jerky costs $100,000. Or whether Canada has devolved into a feudal economy and food stuffs and other essentials have to be bartered “Burning Man” style…

  2. Mexican b permalink
    7 February 2015 5:04 pm

    Americans are so silly. God damn America right? The only thing worse are the Mexicans. Been there 5 times each worse than the last. Why a miserable greedy ppl in cancun.


  1. Canada 411 Directory » Peter out…

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