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Franken-rice… not so nice

19 March 2007

What’ll happen with GM corn?

Farm Futures

Mexican officials are holding U.S. rice imports at the border and requiring certification o conclusively show that the rice is not contaminated with genetically engineered variety LLRICE601.

Mexico joins other U.S. rice markets such as Europe and Japan in putting measures in place to stop genetically engineered rice from crossing their borders.

Mexico is currently the largest export market for U.S. rice, with $205 million worth in exports in 2006.

The precautionary measures come in response to the contamination of conventionally grown rice with LLRICE601, a genetically engineered variety developed by Bayer CropScience.

The USA Rice Federation is in contact with the U.S. embassy in Mexico City in relation to the border closing.

The actions marks Mexico’s first precautionary measures on the import of genetically engineered food.

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