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Light up a cohiba and enjoy the Friday night video

30 March 2007


A discoverer of hidden motives who pointed people in the direction they needed to go to resolve their conflict, a witty commentator on the worlds’ absurdity and a Latin American icon… and somebody you always think of when you say “cigar:…

Of course, I mean Sara García (hey… this is the MEX files, remember?)

García’s very long film career begin in 1917 with Alma de sacrificio, Azteca Studios first production.  She was a 22 year old convent school teacher, looking to make a little money on the side. She’d go on making films until her death in 1980… playing in 146 in all, as well as appearing in television productions, writing, producing and directing films… and becoming a staple in Mexican pantries. 

In 1940, when she was only 45, García took out her front plate, put on her glasses and… created a Mexican icon. In every movie she was in — and it didn’t matter whether she was playing a historical figure, a peasant or a dutchess — she was wearing those tortise-shell glasses and smoking her cigar. Whether really necessarily for the script or not (and Mexican scripts usually did call for it), a place was found for “Abuelita”

The 1946-47 “García” films … Los Tres García and Vuelven los García,  were a vehicle for Pedro Infante — as usual — the charro, macho, and  slacker.  Sara is the matriarch of the Garcías in a melodramatic tale of the family’s feud with the Lopez family…  “granny” controls the family, even (by the end of Vuelven los Garcia)  from beyond the grave — with psychology, humor and sheer Latin American orneryness… and with a cigar always in hand.   

From the 1947 Vuelven los Garcia, Pedro Infante sings Maldita sea mi suerte




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  1. 18 August 2009 4:42 pm

    That video was amazing, I loved!!
    Nothing like a cuban cigar and a great wine to enjoy this video…

  2. 19 August 2009 3:59 am

    Sara García, wow the name just brings back so many memories, I still remember the times when I used to sit with my father as he would watch some of her movies. I remember vividly one night, I believe it was 1956 or something, my father was smoking a Cuban cigar near the fire place with “The Living Idol” playing on the television and him just explaining the movie to me and how much he loved Sara García. That is the last clear image I have of my father. Because of my father, in his memory, I smoke nothing but Cuban cigars that I order from, and every time I light a Cuban, the aroma just sends me back years and brings up memories of my father watching Sara García’s movies.

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