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Losing their heads over politics

12 April 2007

Hugo Valdemar, spokesman for Mexico´s archdioces, threatened to take the head of Mexico City´s Human Rights Commission, Emilio Álvarez Icaza, before the National Human Rights Commission “for spreading hatred against the church.”

(Kenneth Edmonds, in the Mexico City Herald)

A Catholic fatwah? 

The abortion issue, as both Edmonds and Fred Rosen write in the Herald is showing the Church in a very poor light.  It is losing power — so much so, that on abortion, they had to join forces with the Orthodox and Anglican churches in Mexico… and even make nice to the Santa Muerte church

Alternativa, the small Social-Democratic and Campesinos Party, which is not part of the Broad Progressive Alliance, but is broadly progressive (under it’s old label, “Mexico Possible”, it tried to appeal to feminists, protestants, the physically handicapped, indigenous peoples and gays), went to court yesterday to denounce the Cardinal of Mexico City for interfering in politics.  He was, but I don’t think he’ll actually stand trial.   

The abortion bill in the Federal District Assembly is going to pass (despite tonight’s announcement of a one-week delay on the vote) as will the “Death with dignity” bill now before the Senate

I don’t know why we’re surprised..  PAN, the “pious” party barely won (if they did win) the last election.  It’s the two anti-clerical parties that control the country, and with the “left-er” of the two, PRD, being the majority of the 2/3rds of the anti-clericals, PRI has been falling over itself to remain relevant (it sponsored both the Mexico City abortion decriminalization and gay marriage in Coahuila).  This is a window of opportunity for the secular state to erode clerical control without resorting to the anti-clerical legislation of the past.  They’d be fools not to take advantage of the situation. 

As long as they don’t lose their heads over this.

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