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The buzz in Nuevo Leon

14 April 2007


This was too weird not to pass on. Once again, when a foreigner (or even a Mexican living abroad) is killed, it’s rare enough to make the papers. The original story was in El Universal (14-April-2007) written by Adriana Ochoa.


SAN LUIS POTOSÍ, SLP.- A swarm of africanized bees attacked 17 people at a funeral in Doctor Arroyo, Neuvo León. A Mexican resident of the United States died of bee stings.

Serapio Sánchez Alvizo, Civil Defence coordinator for Doctor Arroyo Municipality, said that a bee swarm in Ranco Largo attacked the graveside mourners, including 35-year old Severo García Martínez, who had returned from the United States for the services.

Several witnesses said that a herd of goats had disturbed a metal monument, where the bees had their hive.

I guess we can expect a warning from the state department to avoid goats at funerals.

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