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Show us zee papers, part II

25 April 2007


I’d said before that now that those of us on the border are stopped by armed agents of the government and forced to prove our right to be in our own country, it was only a matter of time before you’d see the same thing in other parts of the U.S. 

This was in Chicago:

Heavily armed officers from several federal agencies locked down a strip mall in a fraudulent-document bust Tuesday, scaring residents and triggering an angry rally at one of Little Village’s busiest intersections that lasted into the evening.

“Soldiers bombarded our neighborhood,” said Baltazar Enriquez, 30, a lifelong Little Village resident. “It looked like they were marching into Iraq.”

Strip mall locked down

“The police closed all the doors and came through calling for people on a list,” said beauty salon owner Maricela Iniguez. “They made everyone sit on the floor and put the plastic handcuffs on some people. The rest were just quiet and scared.” She echoed others who said they saw heavily armed agents yelling at and handcuffing people, then rounding them up into vans before releasing all but a handful.

Sombrero tip to Corrente Wire


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