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“Absolute Idiocy” along the border

1 May 2007

Molly Ivins died too young…

[Texas] Gov. Rick Perry told a Pittsburgh newspaper that some border-crossers with al-Qaida ties have been apprehended.

“The information that we have is that there have been individuals who have crossed, and some that have been apprehended, that have ties back to the al-Qaida network,” Perry told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on a trip to the city to speak at a Boy Scouts dinner.

“I don’t get confused that with the lack of manpower and the lack of resources that the federal government has made available that you can cross the border, and you can cross the border with enough frequency and with enough items to create a lot of havoc,” he said.

Perry spokesman Ted Royer said Friday the statement was a continuation of comments the GOP governor has made for years. The comments have been based on federal intelligence sources having “confirmed that al-Qaida and other terrorist networks view the Southern border as a prime point of entry,” Royer said, with people from countries where al-Qaida has a known presence having been apprehended not just in Texas but all along the border.

That presumably means the Iraqui Catholics who tried to enter the United States back in late 2001 (bad timing, that) and were eventually given political asylum in Mexico.

Secondly, doesn’t countries with a “known presence” of Al Qaida folks include Great Britain, not to mention a lot of places people are leaving, and who go to Mexico to enter the United States? Ah well… our Governor is better known for his hair than for what’s under it.

This has nothing to do with immigration, and everything to do with pandering to the 39% of Texans that voted for that moron.  He didn’t get a lot of votes down in my neck of the woods, nor would he expect to.  He appeals to what locals call “Yankees”… the folks from places like suburban Dallas (which is just a far suburb of Oklahoma City when you come down to it).  The folks who panic when out of their comfort zone, and who see anything “different” as a threat. 

Well, we’re not all that different down on the border… but don’t expect us to buy into THEIR solutions to THEIR problem:

MCALLEN — South Texas border mayors and economic leaders expressed anger and disappointment Monday after learning new details of the location of 153 miles of controversial fencing in and around border cities — including some downtown areas.

”I am totally disappointed,” said Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas, who heard Sunday night that 19 miles of fencing in his city would begin downtown. ”I remain steadfast in opposition to the building of a fence.”

”It is absolute idiocy,” said McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez, who contends that illegal immigration can only be stemmed with a guest worker program. “A fence by itself is only going to delay people from crossing.”

It’s our business, and farms and tax payers (and sheriffs) who are being asked to take care of THEIR problem. It’s our stores that close because the customers can’t get there. It’s our county that has to pick up the tab for autopsies when people drown crossing the river, or die out in the mountains. Heck, for that matter, we can’t afford a coroner (death certificates around here are signed by the radio announcer for local basketball games).

If the rest of the country needs workers, and drugs all we are is the crossing point. And, until now, a very minor one. Push people away from the cities, and they’ll be coming through the park. Because it’s easier to blame others than to deal with your own damn economic problems, THEY want to destroy our environment.

Better than facing up to what the real issue. Roberto Rodriguez nailed it:

In the minds of Americans, the U.S./Mexico border is brown. It is where potential terrorists can infiltrate because it is also where other brown peoples are waiting to stream in. Terrorists, immigrants, illegal aliens, drug traffickers: all brown, same thing. Close it down, put up a wall, deport them all. The American mindset.

And, in the process, destroy our tourism industry, close our businesses, raise our taxes and put us under surveillence. Good plan, little Ricky.

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  1. el_longhorn permalink
    1 May 2007 9:01 pm

    I hate to say it, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. We may soon go from idiocy to insanity.

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