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Bad news, good news…

4 May 2007

For whatever reason, the edit functions are doing a “heck of a job” right now, and things are screwing up… posts not posting, or not letting me update or adding and subtracting coding.  If I had a mind to lose, I’d have lost it by now.  I am losing my cool.   

Whether it’s a problem on my end, or WordPress isn’t clear yet. Hopefully, it’ll be resolved sooner, rather than later.  In the meantime, I’ll just have to leave mistakes and my “sins of omission” out in the open.  Apologies to “” for not giving Stace Medallin the credit for tipping me off to the Alabama crazies (posted below).  

BUT, this this is kinda cool.  I thought I might hit 1000 posts a day this week.  I didn’t but we’re getting pretty close … wordpress records the stats from 7 PM to 7 PM my time (Central US and Mexico — which is midnite to midnite GMT).  Wednesday to Thursday, there were 991 hits.  Normally, the hits drop over the weekend, but lento y lento the Mex Files overall numbers keep growing.  I never thought my odd-ball English-language blog would be listed as one of the top 100 Mexican blogs by (Peruvian based)  Blogalaxia — numero  83 and climbing.

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  1. 5 May 2007 1:35 pm

    Try Blogspot

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