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18,000 nekked Mexicans…

6 May 2007


Photo: Jornada/José Carlo Gonzáles

… and well-mannered naked people they were (my translation):

México, DF. The Federal District Public Security Director (SSPDF, for its initials in Spanish) reported “satisfactory results” with the measures taken on the Capital’s Zócalo to accommodate Spencer Tunick’s mass nude photo shoot.

Joel Ortega, head of SSPDF, said that there were no traffic or civil infractions to the Civil Code connected with the event.

Ortega said that the department had arranged to make the Plaza de la Constitución available for the photograpsh, as well as planning for people leaving afterwards.

He said there were a few small incidents, mostly caused by a much larger number of particiants than was expected by either the organizers or the authorities.

Because of the huge turnout, people were forced to park on Paseo de la Reforma and Balderas, as well as the main streets in the Centro, but no tickets resulted.

It might be worth nothing this is a record. And, I know it’s a stereotype, but Mexicans tend to see art as part of life, so why wouldn’t they want to help out an artist, and bare more than their souls? The largest mass nude photo before this (also done by Stanley Tunick) was in the self-consciously hip and artsy Barcelona which only included about 7000 folks.

Part of Tunick’s agreement with the city was to avoid including the Cathedral (and thus implying the Church’s approval) in any of his shots. Which doesn’t mean Mexicans — and bloggers about Mexico — don’t ascribe to the cardinal acts of mercy — you know… visit the sick and shut-in, clothe the naked, feed the hungry and give to the Mex Files…

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