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Beauty queens and bureaucrats

8 May 2007

Bicycles are already a regular part of Mexico City traffic, though it’s still rare to see people commuting to work that way. There was a lot of press about Marcelo Ebrarad’s executive order requring District employees to ride their bikes to work one day a month. I’m sure it sounded like just a PR campaign, but I guess they’re serious.

Think of it as a step towards telecommuting: Monica Archundia reported in El Grafíco that eight percent of District employees (16,000 people!) have already been reassigned to new new job sites to facilitate bike commutes, and that the unions have identified the 65% of city employees willing to be reassigned as part of the program.

HSBC (Mexico’s largest bank) and 15 other businesses are also reassigning employees.  The District is investing in everything from bike lanes to racks on buses, and hopes to cut gasoline consumption by 15,000,000 liters per DAY. 

Sure, but will it sell in Polanco? Biking bureacrats and executive orders are one thing. This is another:

Mexico City – Miss Universe – Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico – rode a bicycle through the streets of Mexico City on Monday, as part of a campaign by municipal authorities to discourage the use of cars.

Rivera, set to hand over the crown to her successor who is to be chosen May 28 at a ceremony in Mexico City, was accompanied on her tour by municipal Tourism Secretary Alejandra Barrales.

Wonks or Miss Universe?  Who would look better on a bicycle?


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  1. 8 May 2007 12:49 pm

    So you think this is a passing fad, or start of a trend? Sure hope the latter, because Mexico City could use it! As much as I like bicycling, though, not sure I’d like sucking in that DF air throughout my ride — probably none too healthy. I hear tell that the ciclovias have been a success in Guadalajara. Know any other Mexican cities experimenting with this?

    Keith R
    The Temas Blog


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