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If you build it, they will still come

16 May 2007

When Mitt Romney’s (Mexican born) dad claimed during his own campaign to become the Republican candidate for President of the United States, “I was brainwashed.” The much too witty Senator Eugene McCarthy, who was campaigning for the Democratic Party nomination said, “In Romney’s case, I would have thought a light rinse was enough.”

While George Romney wasn’t a bad guy, his son seems to have inherited his dad’s tendency to say really, really stupid things.

Debating the treatment of foreign detainees at Tuesday night’s debate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said he thought the US should “double” the number of prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

I HOPE Romney the younger doesn’t mean the U.S. should start two more foreign wars so they can round up a bunch more “suspected enemy combatants”. I hope even more that he doesn’t mean he wants to turn Gitmo into another Ritmo, though Homeland Security seems to want that.

Univision Online, Posted: May 10, 2007

The Pentagon reports that construction began on a detention center for immigrants on the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to Spanish-language Univision Online. According to an Internet announcement, construction firm Island Mechanical Contractors, of Jacksonville, Fla., got the $16.5 million contract. The first report on the facility came out in February, when The Miami Herald announced that the government would fund a new facility in anticipation of intercepting massive numbers of migrants on the Caribbean Sea who were likely leaving Cuba. The U.S. Army Southern Command neither confirmed nor denied the report.

The Guantanamo Bay Naval Base currently houses hundreds of “enemy combatants” captured in the U.S. War on Terror since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Construction is expected to finish in May, 2008. The 10,000-person capacity compound includes a wall, water treatment plants, showers, latrines, public services and administrative offices.

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