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No time for losers, for we are the Champions

19 May 2007

It took me a while to realize “Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll” were three different things, but, as Carlos Monsivais once pointed out, “In Mexico, there is futbol, the craziness surrounding futbol… and everything else.”

(my translation, from the original in Jornada) :


México, DF. Under the group name “Fanáticos Club Band,” several Mexican friends have introduced the new musical genre of fut-rock, singing exclusively about futbol, with an inaugural CD, including the songs that are already receiving good reviews over the Internet.

La vida no es la misma sin futbol, (“Life’s not the same without futbol”), Los reyes del barrio, (Neighborhood Kings”), Campeones (“Champions”) and Pegada al corazón (“Stuck in the heart”), with a rock sound and lyrics celebrating THE sport, are now available over the Internet at

The project started a year ago, with the futbol-mania surrounding the World Cup in Germany, when Joel Jáuregui, the heart and soul of the new genre, thought of mixing his two passions.

“I had some personal setbacks a year ago, problems with my health and an operation. I started asking myself why I was working so hard at things that weren’t fun. So, I started working on the Fanaticos project, said the 39-year old Monterrey publicist.

Jáuregui, who had been the singer in a few bands when he was younger, wrote the lyrics, and brought together musician friends and recorded the songs in another friend’s studio.

“We only want to play/and don’t care where it is./We don’t care who plays/nothing’s the same without futbol/life just ain’t the same.” they sing in “Champions,” which – as they say — “is not affiliated with any team or nationality, but with the essence of futbol.

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