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What stinks?

26 May 2007

I’ll bet you only the first part of this A.P. story makes it into your local papers.


MONTERREY, Mexico – Standing in the baking sun outside the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey, hundreds of Mexicans wait anxiously for temporary work visas. But even before they were fingerprinted and interviewed for the permit, many had already paid recruiters thousands of dollars in hopes of easing the way.

Supplying the U.S. guestworker program is a complex and sometimes criminal network of foreign recruiters who extort money from poor migrants and then keep them on the job by forcing them into debt or threatening their families back home.

Employers also are often at the recruiters’ mercy, forced to accept workers who could be desperately in debt or simply wrong for the job.


No they aren’t. What they’re at “the mercy of” is their own refusal to work with the unions and sign contracts and treat people like human beings. It’s this refusal that gets people killed.


The A.P story is just repeating the employer’s excuses, and not asking any of the obvious questions. Like:



All employers need to do to secure federal permission to hire foreign workers is provide proof that no American wants the job. Once that request is granted, companies rely on recruiters to do the rest, and the U.S. government stands back.

So… who is offering the jobs? And, does this mean corporate recruiters and “human resource departments” don’t know how to recruit workers? Do they pay any attention to who they hire, and do they just not pay attention to how their employees get to the job site?


Critics argue the program desperately needs oversight and protections for both employers and workers, but demands for such an overhaul appear to have been ignored in the Senate’s tentative immigration reform proposal.

“Critics”? Like people who can read? What’s bizarre is that the government itself seems unwilling and unable to correct the situation, which, on a by-lined story from Monterrey might have profitably included a visit to the union recruiters from FLOC right next door to the U.S. Embassy.

Ah, the aroma of bullshit.


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