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Freedom’s just another word…

27 May 2007

The rationales are different, but the reactions are the same…

Miguel Timoshenkov, in Tiempo de Laredo writes (my translation) on the return of the Army to Tamaulipas:


CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas. – To combat organized crime, Tamaulipas Governor Eugenio Hernández Flores has given his approval to military patrols within the state.


Presently, the Army is patrolling streets in the Capital, Ciudad Victoria, as well as Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Matamoros, Tampico and other cities.

“This guarantees better security for civil society, said Hernández Flores. “The help of the Mexican Army is invaluable.”

The soldiers are battling delinquency, emergencies and disasters, as well as handling domestic disputes.


Hernández Flores’ position coincides with those of the Governor of Nayarit, Ney González Sánchez and the Governor-elect of Yucatán, Ivonne Ortega Pacheco.


In separate interviews, the governors said that President Felipe Calderón, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, has the right to call them upon the Army to defend the rights and to protect the interests and lives of Mexicans.


However, President Calderón has faced mordant criticism from political parties, religious leaders and human and civil rights activists for using the Army to fight crime.

“The people of Tamaulipas have always worked hand-in-hand with the Mexican Army, and value its support in not only combating delinquency, but in assisting with other issues. It has always been, and always will be, a great ally,” the Governor insisted. The governor added that there is total coordination between the states, the federal government and the Mexican Army in this operation.

The armed forces are a sign of hope along the northern border, and have several times gone to the border, and at times have guarded the international bridges, he added.


Several visitors have been bothered by the military presence, but Hernández Flores said the Army is necessary to maintain calm.


The head of the Nuevo Laredo government, Daniel Peña Treviño, said his administration was collaborating with the Federal authorities and was eager to bring tranquility to the city’s residents.


Meanwhile, as elsewhere throughout the world Tony Blair wants new police powers very similar to those the Border patrol has (or thinks it has… who’s gonna argue with a armed Federal agent?) for his Bobbies.

Ah, what the heck. “It ain’t nothin’ if it ain’t free…” right?

I smell money:


According to a front page article in Friday’s LA Times, “Mexico is expanding its ability to tap telephone calls and e-mail using money from the U.S. government, a move that underlines how the country’s conservative government is increasingly willing to cooperate with the United States on law enforcement.”

“The expansion comes as President Felipe Calderon is pushing to amend the Mexican Constitution to allow officials to tap phones without a judge’s approval in some cases,” writes Sam Enriquez for the paper. “Calderon argues that the government needs the authority to combat drug gangs, which have killed hundreds of people this year.”


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  1. 30 May 2007 8:50 pm

    “Presently, the Army is patrolling streets in the Capital, Ciudad Victoria, as well as Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Matamoros, Tampico and other cities.”

    Erm…what other cities? Those are pretty well all the large population centers of Tamaulipas. As for the Army in Tampico..I live here and have yet to see them on patrol, hanging out, in the newspapers, at the doughnut store,whereever…


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