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10 June 2007

Membership in the Oaxaca Study Action Group soars: “Hey, I’m a vegan, lesbian Political Science major who can’t speak Spanish: How can I help in the struggle for justice?”

I figured Speed and the Doctor were just preserving their reputation as the curmudgeons of Sur Real Oaxaca, til I took a look at what’s posted on the Study Group site.  I didn’t run across any vegan lesbians (which would give a whole new dimension to  “My vegetable love should grow/ Vaster than empires, and more slow“), but they aren’t far off on the lack of study…

Posts like:

attached is a file in Spanish which I hope somebody will volunteer to translate. It is about the current dirty war in Oaxaca and was written by Robles Gil.


Does anyone know this writer? And does somebody want to translate? …

make me wonder what these people are studying.  I can see if they had trouble with Zapotec, but shouldn’t a Oaxacan study group study, among other things, Spanish?  .

I agree with the late Molly Ivins that “It’s racist for any Texas reporter south of Lubbock not to be able to speak Spanish.” … and Oaxaca, last I heard, was a tad south of Lubbock.  Good hearted as the Oaxaca Study Group folks might be, I question their sincerity (and their motives)  “studying” what they can’t even read.

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