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Frida FINALLY draws the masses… sorta

14 June 2007


(Photo: Marco Peláez, Jornada)

See… I told you all Mexicans aren’t Frida Kahlo fans. This is the scene outside the Palacio de Bellas Artes at the opening of the Kahlo exhibit. Of course, SOME of the protests may have had a bit to do with Felipe Calderón (FeCAL)’s appearance (he had to be hustled in by a side door). The press was “disinvited” to what was originally supposed to be a public Presidential appearance.

School teachers, the APPO, the PRD and the supporters of the Alternative Presidency (yup, they didn’t just dry up and disappear) all showed up (and, el Universal reports, and had some strong words for the invited guests (movie actresses, business leaders and the like): “pendejos” being one of the milder ones.

There’s something a little more than a bit ironic in all this. Kahlo’s wake was to have been held at the Palacio back in 1954 but the then “leftist” PRI government refused to allow the Communist Kahlo to be so honored…so, now that she’s hip (for things having to do with clothing style, or her physical problems or… well, everything BUT her art) , she’s in with the right-wing present administration. And, again, locks out the people from the people’s art palace.

With no press coverage of the “official” event, who do you think got the good coverage this morning?

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  1. 15 June 2007 7:17 pm

    This “official” event has no relevancy at all with Frida Kahlo’s life, art or person. It was an act where the president invited the nice, rich and influental people. We will see how many visitors the expo will finally draw. And I mean people like you and me, not the creme de la creme of mexican oligarchy.


  1. frida kahlo

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