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7 July 2007

Tbogg, “a somewhat popular blogger,” writes that the “Minutemen” are equal opportunity dickheads… they dislike everyone, even each other…

Several former Minuteman leaders, angry over the organization’s failure to account for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars in donations, have formed their own border-vigil operation.

The Patriots’ Border Alliance, led by Minuteman Civil Defense Corps leaders fired in May for raising questions about the group’s finances, says it will carry on the mission of fighting illegal entry into the U.S. with volunteers who have “chosen to stand down” from MCDC.

And to be honest, the “Patriots’ Border Alliance” doesn’t quite have the headline-friendly snap and brevity of the Minutemen or say, the MexiKlan™, which was first runner-up.

I’m shocked! Bigots are supposed to be more honest than this.

The Low-rent correspondent credits Andres Manuel Lopez Obradór for the banner month in Mercedes Benz sales…

German automaker Mercedes Benz reported an 83-percent increase in Mexican sales during June 2007 when compared to the same month last year – which just happened to precede the July 2 vote.

Anyway, this Mercendes Benz news comes during the same week as Mexico’s “legitimate president” Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador held a rally in the Zocalo to mark the one-year anniversary of the July 2 election he says was fraudulent.

I think “low rent” is a little too eager to take the “official” spin that AMLO is toast… he mistakes a poll indicating that only 30% of voters would vote for AMLO today for a 15% drop in support when the 2006 election was a 5-way affair and AMLO received (officially, anyway) about 35.5% of the total vote. Holding on to 30% sounds impressive to me.

Mark in Mexico must be drinking the toxic sludge he talks about.

Sources inside the Puebla state government have told Mark in Mexico that more than 200 million cubic meters of toxic sludge lie at the bottom of the Valsequillo reservoir.

How “secret and exclusive” is it when the next paragraph says the same information was in the conservative daily, Reforma?

This would indicate that the explosive reports in Reforma did not take state officials by surprise. Well, maybe Reforma’s reports did, but the information contained therein did not.

Mark is full of shit (or toxic waste) as usual, but it’s nice to see that a website mostly organized about right-wing U.S. politics is supporting “nanny state” investments like sewage treatment.

Speaking of toxic wastes, Surreal Oaxaca takes a break from attacking vegan lesbian foreign APPOistas and Canadians to bash hapless gringos:

One genius decided the first dish he should wash was a pan coated with oil. Then he proceeded on to the water glasses. Even if the dishes hadn’t looked like they’d all been sprayed with Pam, there were chunks of food on the rims of bowls, red wine deposits in the glasses… Oh it was sad, fucking sad.

I wish I could find it again, but a couple of years ago one of the message boards for the well-heeled retirees in Mexico had a query from a woman wanting to know the specific model and color of dishwashers available in Mexico. The only one I ever had a short, fat and brown… her name was Soccoro, and was a very nice lady.

Quade Hermann (a recovering Canadian) is learning to love the weirdness of Mexico City — caught the Gay Pride Parade... and their encounter with the striking naked campesinos of Veracruz…

If you missed the gay pride/nekked campesino rally, mark your calendar now for the Second Encounter of the Zapatista Peoples with the Peoples of the World . There might even be a few Zapatistas there, but the Peoples of the world might have a little problem…

Taking into account the difficulties that the rainy season provokes at this time in the state of Chiapas, the locations of the Encounter will not be the 5 caracoles (as was previously announced), but rather 3 caracoles (Oventik, Morelia, and La Realidad.

Rain, or just not enough reservations for five squatter camps?

Eddie Willers finds a monument to Mexican sacrifices in World War II:

At the beginning of the causeway, by its junction with Blvd. Costero, is a monument to the men of the Mexican Merchant Marine who lost their lives in the 1942 U-Boat campaign in the Gulf of Mexico. Between May and September of that year, six ships of the Pemex fleet were sunk by Nazi torpedoes. The monument, an hexagonal obelisk surrounded by benches inscribed with the name of each ship, is, sadly, missing five of the bronze plaques that gave the names of the individuals to whom the monument is dedicated. It forms part of a larger story of those brave men who gave their lives, voluntarily, to fight alongside the Americans in World War Two or support them in their cause. There are few references, in either official histories or in literature, to Mexican citizens joining the US military.

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