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Bi-estupida y bi-intellegente

8 July 2007

Texas State Senator Debbie Riddle, who thinks public education “comes straight out of the pit of hell” (or at least Moscow) is going soft. Now she just worries that a proposal to teach San Antonio school children in both Spanish and English (as opposed to just Spanish or just English, or taking one of the two Texas languages as the “foreign” one) will limit a child’s chance to perform surgery while flying a plane… and suing someone. Or something like that:

Riddle said she fears the project will dilute the need for students to master English, which is the international language of aviation and a requirement if children want to become lawyers or physicians.

“I think we are worshipping at the feet of diversity,” Riddle said. “There’s nothing wrong with diversity, but to minimize English as the primary language of this nation is a mistake, and I think it’s a mistake for our kids. Kids need to master the English language, period.

At least she doesn’t claim its a plot to rob children of their precious bodily fluids.  Anyway, Debbie…learning to speak two languages is going to keep them from speaking English how?

Senator Riddle (R-etro early 1950s) was one of the two State Senators to vote against House Bill 2814, which creates a six-year pilot program that will test a dual-language program in up to 10 Texas public school districts and 30 campuses. The bill is designed to help Anglo kids learn a second language, according to sponsor Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio. “They will learn Spanish or some other language, becoming bilingual and bi-literate. When they are little, you can do that.”

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  1. Billy permalink
    16 July 2007 8:33 am

    Uhhh… Debbie Riddle is a State Representative, not a State Senator. And there were 34 representatives who voted against the final adoption of the bill in the house.


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